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Stairlift Features

Please find below a selection of features which can be built into your stairlift to make it just as unique as your home. And if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask, as it may well be that our expert stairlift engineers can come up with the perfect solution. Should you have any questions about our stairlift features please call one of our expert advisors on 0800 251 1308. Simply click on the feature below to reveal the information.

Slide Track

The unique sliding track is slightly shorter than the length of the staircase. The track moves with you as you travel up or down the stairs on the stairlift and reaches its end point before you get to the top or bottom of the stairs. This makes it safer to get off. This option is especially useful where both the top and bottom of the stairs are potentially obstructed by the track.

Stairlift slide track extended
Stairlift slide track retracted

Powered Hinge Track

To avoid the stair lifts track permanently blocking doorways, or creating a trip hazard, the Companion track can be folded away at the click of a button on the handset.

Unfolded powered stairlift hinge track
Folded powered stairlift hinge track

Swivel Seat Option for Easier Dismounting

The seat can be swiveled round to allow you to step comfortably onto the landing. As an optional extra, Companion also offer a powered swivel seat.

Swivel seat in position to allow you to get on and off the stairlift seat easily and safely.
Swivel seat in the travel position

Track Extensions

Space permitting, the Companion curved stair rail track can be extended, which is particularly popular with clients who wish to dismount from their stair lifts directly onto the landing.

Remote Control

The stair lifts can be 'parked' out of sight at the top or bottom of the stairs and simply called back to your feet when needed via the infrared remote control. This is also ideal when more than one person in the house uses the stair lift. If necessary, somebody else can even operate the stair lifts for you whilst you travel in safety.

Our easy to use stairlift remote control

Easy to Use Left or Right Handed Controls

Companion's unique ergonomic controls were designed with input from Occupational Therapists to make sure all Companion Stairlifts are simple and comfortable to use - even for sufferers of arthritis or the visually impaired. The comfortable easy grip 'paddle switch' requires minimal pressure, simply push in the direction of travel to move off.

Controls can be accommodated on either of the armrests to reflect a right or left handed user preference. This is a very useful feature for people who have possibly suffered a loss of mobility to one side of their body and need a stairlift that is built specifically around their needs.

Our stairlift controls
Easy to use

Upholstery Colour Choice

As well as being comfortable and offering support for your lower back, the Companion seat comes in a choice of 6 colours to complement any décor. Should you choose to redecorate your hallway, you can even have your seat re-upholstered to suit.

Cream upholstery swatch for stairlift
Multi-coloured upholstery swatch for stairlift

Automatic Cut-Out Safety Sensors

Should the stairlift detect an object in the path of one or more of its 7 sensors, it will automatically come to a smooth and safe stop.

Turn & Go (FreeCurve Only)

Turn and Go has been specially developed to help those customers who have a very narrow staircase that turns corners. Your seat will turn automatically so that your back faces the stairs, not the wall or handrail, during travel and moves your knees away from potential clashes with the wall or banister.

Active Seat (FreeCurve Only)

The Active Seat has been designed to give you added support when you stand up and sit down in the stairlift chair. The technology has a lift and tilt mechanism, where the seat tilts upwards to help you when you are getting up and to gently lower you when sitting down.

The Active Seat in the upright position

VoiceConnect (FreeCurve Only)

In the event of an emergency, VoiceConnect gives you piece of mind that you of being able to contact family, friends or neighbours from your stairlift.

Pressing the Voiceconnect button on the arm of your stairlift will instantly call one of the telephone numbers you have selected. This could be the number of your son, daughter, neighbour or carer.

There are no extra monthly subscription costs involved and you can programme your own contacts.

The VoiceConnect button
0800 251 1308
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