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For many people, making the decision to have a stairlift installed can be a daunting one. We have answered a few of the more common questions you may have below to help you make an informed decision. If you have further questions, one of our skilled and friendly advisors will be happy to answer these, no matter how small, please just get in touch. Simply click on a question below to reveal the answer.
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Installation is quick and easy. The Companion stairlift is made to fit YOUR stairs and nobody else's, using measurements taken by our fully trained technical surveyor. When the stairlift arrives at your home, it's already pre-configured and tested to fit so the installation is as quick and easy as possible.

The type of stairlift you need will determine exactly how long it takes to fit, however most lifts will only take between two to four hours to install.

Your new stairlift will be fitted to your stair treads, not your wall, so in most cases the answer will be no. However, if you do need to change your stair carpet once the lift is installed, we will be happy to arrange to remove and refit the lift at a reasonable charge.

Your fitting also includes an in-depth demonstration of comfort and safety features, as well as a comprehensive list of checks before we leave you to make sure you get to know your new stairlift.

Maintenance & Aftercare

A fully comprehensive 12 month warranty on all parts and labour is included with every Companion stairlift for complete peace of mind.

Your stairlift comes with a 12-month comprehensive warranty for all parts and labour. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, our support team are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To find out more, call one of our friendly mobility advisors on free phone 0800 251 1308.

Yes, we offer a removal service specifically for Freecurve stairlifts purchased from 2018 onwards. If you no longer need your Handicare stairlift, please call 03700 118 282 and one of our friendly customer advisors will assist you in arranging the removal process.

Using Your Stairlift

All Companion stairlifts feature swivel seats as standard to allow you to safely get on and off the lift at the top of the stairs. This enables you to dismount straight onto the landing, without twisting your body.

Yes, the Companion stairlift is one of the slimmest stairlifts available. The seat, arms and footrest all fold away, so your stairs can still be used as normal.

By simply pressing the paddle switch (located on the arm of the chair) in the direction of travel you move off steadily and smoothly. The control on the Companion stairlift is also ideally suited to those with arthritis or visual impairments, unlike some other stairlifts which often have a small metal 'toggle' switch, which can be both difficult to see and use.

The seat and backrest are both padded in hardwearing, easy to clean material. We're also one of the only firms to offer you a choice of colours to blend with your d├ęcor.

Companion's motor is quiet enough so you can use it day and night without disturbing others.

This is a common occurrence when two or more members of a household use the stair lift. A Companion stairlift is supplied as standard with 2 remote controls, so you can leave one upstairs and one downstairs. By simply pressing the remote control, the lift will be brought to wherever you need it.

Powering Your Stairlift

Your stairlift is powered by two DC batteries; the rail however is plugged directly into the mains which in turn charges the batteries. The advantage of having DC power is that in the unlikely event of a power cut or blackout, your Companion stairlift will continue to operate.

The Companion stairlift has 7 safety sensors which automatically and safely stop the lift if anything is detected in its path.

There's no need to worry. Your Companion stairlift is operated by two 12V DC batteries, these re-charge when your stairlift is left on a charge point. This means your stairlift will continue to work for a limited number of trips if the power supply is interrupted.

Audible and visual signals will alert you that your lift is not on a charge point. The power supply to the stairlift should remain switched on at all times. If the stairlift batteries are allowed to go completely flat they may need to be replaced.