How to live to 100: tips for living a long life

Published July 2018

Brothers Nick and Dan Buettner have made it their mission to find out the common themes that have allowed so many people across the globe to live to 100 years’ old and beyond.

Unique things to see and do for older people

Published June 2018

The UK is full of great attractions and interesting sights. Luckily, there is just as much that will appeal to older generations. With that in mind, please enjoy our guide to unique things to see and do for older people.

An introduction to podcasts for older people

Published May 2018

Podcasts sound great, but many of us don’t know the first thing about them. To help you learn, here is our introduction to podcasts for older people.

Great accessible UK historical attractions

Published May 2018

The UK is replete with fantastic locations to visit for history lovers and, luckily, many are suitable for those with mobility issues. Here is our guide to some of the great accessible UK historical attractions.

Summer attractions to enjoy with elderly relatives

Published May 2018

Are you looking for ways to enjoy the summer weather with all members of your family? Make sure to read our guide to summer attractions to enjoy with elderly relatives.

Best mobile phones for older adults

Published April 2018

Staying connected with friends and family is invaluable for those who want to retain their independence, however, some of the latest smartphones can confuse older adults.