Coronavirus Update: Our response to COVID 19



A beginner's guide to online shopping

Published November 2020

Have worries or questions about online shopping? In this article we offer a beginner’s guide with need to know information and useful tips to help.

Fun family activities for a COVID-safe Christmas

Published November 2020

For multi-generational households, this guide provides some fun home activities that can be enjoyed by all this Christmas, despite the pandemic.

Article reveals the best ways to get your worries under control

Published November 2020

Worry can be a burden for many of us. An article by News Motability explains a little more about how you can help ease your concerns with some tips.

Older people to get free Vitamin D to help battle against Covid-19

Published November 2020

Older people and those who are vulnerable are set to receive around four months’ worth of Vitamin D after evidence shows it helps fight Covid-19

A grandparent’s guide to preparing for Christmas 2020

Published October 2020

Concerned about how Christmas might work this year? Discover our article filled with tips for grandparent’s planning for Christmas in 2020.

High-intensity interval training is best for older people

Published October 2020

A study has found that high-intensity interval training is best for older people’s fitness and quality of life if it is done correctly. Read more here.