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Why over 60s should join a virtual fitness class

Published March 2020

Regular exercise is important & joining a virtual fitness class is a great option for older people. Discover why over 60s should join a fitness class.

Top tips for successful spring cleaning

Published March 2020

Are you looking to undertake a big spring clean of your house this year? Make sure to read our top tips and advice to make your spring clean successful.

New AI technology for people with disabilities

Published March 2020

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is becoming more involved in our day to day life. Whether it’s in our mobile phones using voice recognition and location-based search results or using a home device to help operate the lights and heating, everyone has come across some sort of AI device.

British man set to be named oldest man in the world

Published March 2020

Born in 1908, Bob Weighton is 111 years old and is set to be the oldest man in the world. Bob grew up in Hull and was one of seven children

One minute of exercise a week can bring health benefits to older people

Published February 2020

A new study by Abertay University in Dundee has revealed that just one minute of exercise a week can provide great health benefits for older people.

Mobility retail champions female leaders in Skegness

Published February 2020

Karen Sheppard, owner and managing director of a Skegness mobility retailer, has recently championed the need for more female bosses in business. After an interview with Access and Mobility Professional, Sheppard has pointed out that the industry is crying out for more women to be in leadership roles.