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Personal goals you can set for a better 2021

Published January 2021

In this article, discover a series of personal goals you can set yourself which can help make 2021 year your best one yet.

How to cope when life doesn't go according to plan

Published January 2021

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. This article highlights ways you can deal with what can be a frustrating, demoralising, and painful time.

The best accessible digital workshops revealed

Published January 2021

With coronavirus stopping many day-to-day activities and creative classes, explore some of these online accessible digital workshops perfect for everyone.

Online archive aims to help older people beat lockdown isolation

Published January 2021

An online archive is aiming to help older and vulnerable people through lockdown by prompting them to reminisce about the ‘good old days’. Read more here.

What to consider when building a new home

Published December 2020

For those wanting to build a new home, this article highlights key things to consider, such as location, accessibility, and planning for older age.

How smart technology can improve your home

Published December 2020

Want to learn more about smart technology and how it can improve not only your home but your life? We uncover the ways in which it can help everyone.