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Study finds yoga improves balance and mobility in older people

Published September 2020

Yoga has been identified as an exercise that can improve an older person’s mobility and balance, but it is still unclear if it can reduce the risk of falls in the older age group.

Preventing loneliness by connecting with others

Published September 2020

As suggested by News Mobility, discover six top tips for preventing loneliness by connecting with others, including joining a club and volunteering.

How to maintain your muscles with home exercises

Published August 2020

Looking to keep in shape at home? Read our article about how to maintain your muscles with home exercises, keeping you fit and well into older age.

Tips for growing old with a dog

Published August 2020

As we reach older age, often our dogs approach seniority along with us. This article provides tips for how to successfully look after a dog in later life.

The top wheelchair and scooter friendly towns across the UK

Published August 2020

Read our latest article all about the top wheelchair and scooter friendly towns across the UK, perfect for a post-lockdown staycation.

Top tips for driving a scooter or electric wheelchair with mobility issues

Published August 2020

Driving a car is completely different to driving a motorised scooter or wheelchair, follow these simple tips to stay safe when driving.