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All you need to know about electric vehicles

Published June 2021

Electric cars are the way forward. Read on to find out how they can help the environment as well as elderly drivers looking to stay safe on the road.

Can virtual reality help the emotional wellbeing of older people?

Published June 2021

A study has been launched that will look into whether virtual reality can help the emotional wellbeing of older people. Read more about the study here.

Grandmother invents robotic bird to help older people stay active

Published May 2021

A 93-year-old grandmother has created a robotic bird that encourages older people to stay active and helps them to remember their Zimmer frame.

How to travel the world without leaving the UK

Published May 2021

Opting for a staycation this year rather than going international? You don’t have to miss out, as the UK can offer a lot of amazing experiences for all.

Advice for older drivers

Published May 2021

Do you find driving more difficult than you once used to? Read this article for some great advice to help older drivers stay positive behind the wheel.

Summer activities to enjoy with grandkids

Published May 2021

Looking for fun activities to enjoy with grandkids this summer? This article presents a handful of great suggestions for a memorable summer season.