Coronavirus Update: Our response to COVID 19



Elderly couple commit to long-distance relationship through COVID-19 emergency

Published April 2020

Read how couple Inga Rasmussen, 85, and Karsten Tüchsen Hansen, 89 are making their long-distance relationship work despite the COVID-19 emergency.

Tips for staying in touch with relatives

Published April 2020

Looking for ways to communicate with family while you are apart? Read our tips for staying in touch with relatives for fun and varied ways to connect.

How supermarkets are helping the vulnerable with shopping

Published April 2020

Supermarkets are doing their part to help older and vulnerable shoppers get food during the coronavirus outbreak. Read more about what’s happening here.

How to explore the world's best museums from home

Published April 2020

Don’t worry if you can’t leave the house. Discover how to explore the world’s best museums from the comfort of your home with this helpful guide.

Why over 60s should join a virtual fitness class

Published March 2020

Regular exercise is important & joining a virtual fitness class is a great option for older people. Discover why over 60s should join a fitness class.

Top tips for successful spring cleaning

Published March 2020

Are you looking to undertake a big spring clean of your house this year? Make sure to read our top tips and advice to make your spring clean successful.