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One minute of exercise a week can bring health benefits to older people

Published February 2020

A new study by Abertay University in Dundee has revealed that just one minute of exercise a week can provide great health benefits for older people.

Mobility retail champions female leaders in Skegness

Published February 2020

Karen Sheppard, owner and managing director of a Skegness mobility retailer, has recently championed the need for more female bosses in business. After an interview with Access and Mobility Professional, Sheppard has pointed out that the industry is crying out for more women to be in leadership roles.

A workaholic's guide to retirement

Published February 2020

Are you a workaholic who is worrying about retirement? Make sure you read our workaholics guide to retirement for some helpful tips and advice.

Accessible guide to the UK's best theme parks

Published February 2020

The UK is home to some truly incredible theme parks. This guide highlights some of the very best while also detailing how accessible they are.

How to stay positive and boost your mental wellbeing

Published February 2020

Many people suffer from the winter blues and this guide looks at some of the best ways you can stay positive and boost your mental wellbeing.

The best nutritional recipes for older adults to cook at home

Published February 2020

It is important that older people stick to a nutritious diet & this guide looks at the best nutritional recipes you can enjoy. Find out the best ones here.