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Advice for older drivers

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As you get older, some people may start to find it a struggle to drive. With our sight and our mobility being some of the things that can often deteriorate as we age there are a few things you can do if you want to continue driving in older age.

A recent article by News Motaclarity goes into a little more detail about some of these tips and you can find a few of them below. 

When to renew your driving license

In the UK, there are no upper age limits on when you have to stop driving but as you reach the age of 70 you are required to renew your licence in order to continue driving. This will establish if you are still fit to drive and if you have any conditions that should restrict you. The renewal only requires filling in a form and no further practical tests.

When should you think about stopping driving?

You should think about stopping driving if you have any new medical conditions or disabilities that could impact your ability to drive.

“There are many medical conditions that the DVLA list as reasons someone should think about stopping driving, including poor eyesight, memory problems, mobility issues, cancer, heart conditions and Parkinson’s Disease. There’s a full list here on the website,” says News Motaclarity.

What are the benefits of a car mobility scheme?

If you can no longer drive or struggle to drive a manual car, then it could be time to look into the Motability scheme and a Motability or adapted car. The scheme is there to offer you new options if you struggle to drive a car. With many options that can be adapted to your needs, they are a great option.

Car adaptations to help you stay mobile

News Motaclarity recommends looking into car adaptations if you are struggling, commenting: “Adaptations to consider include devices like lifts and hoists to help with the loading of mobility scooters and wheelchairs, products like easy to grip steering wheel balls and a left foot accelerator that can make it easier to drive, and fitted transfer plates and grab handles that can help when getting into and out of a vehicle.”

If you are finding it a struggle to continue driving then hopefully some of these points have been helpful. If you equally find it difficult to get around your home, then take a look at our range of stairlifts in the UK for all your mobility needs.

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