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Article reveals the best ways to get your worries under control

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An article recently written by News Motability goes into detail about how best to combat and overcome worry. Worry can be something many suffer with, especially through troubling and somewhat uncertain times like these and for those that often rely on straight and curved stairlifts, getting out the house to meet friends or family, the worry can feel overwhelming. This article looks at the suggestions from News Motability, enabling those to implement their own changes to help them cope with their concerns and worries.

Introduce “worry time”

News Motability recommends taking time out of your day to dedicate to worrying. It may sound weird, but the idea is that as soon as the time is up, you do not think of them again.

“Set aside 20 to 30 minutes each day, at the same time every day, establishing a pattern that you will rigidly stick to. During that period, you are free to worry about anything that comes into your mind, but on the understanding that when the time is up, those worries are left there.”

Note down your worries

Noting down your worries is a great way to get them off your mind. Put pen to paper and note down anything that is concerning you, getting them out into the open will often help people come to terms with them.

Understand your concerns

“A very effective third step is to understand what you can and cannot control. Worrying stems from a need or desire to be in control. Often, our worries grow if we feel we cannot control a situation, a predicament made far worse when ‘what if’ enters the equation.”

Work out what you can and cannot control. If you know you cannot control your worry or the situation, you know you need to focus on forgetting it.

Practice meditation

Meditation often has the same effect as reading the book and allows the mind to switch off from any other worries on the mind.

“The final piece in this four-piece puzzle is to consider meditation, which can be done on a beach at sunrise, but can just as easily be done sitting on the sofa at home.”

Trying one or more of these may help you control your worries and progress in a more positive mindset.

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