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British man set to be named oldest man in the world

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Born in 1908, Bob Weighton is 111 years old and is set to be the oldest man in the world. Bob grew up in Hull and was one of seven children. He has previously been named England’s oldest man as well as Britain’s joint oldest man with Alfred Smith from Perthshire as they were born on the same day until sadly, Alfred Smith passed on last summer.

Working as an engineer, Bob has seen the world, travelling to places like Taiwan, Japan and Canada thanks to the three years he spent in the ship building industry in Tyneside, North East England. He was married in 1937 to his wife Agnes who had two sons and a daughter. Because of his extremely long life, Bob has been able to see 10 grandchildren grow up and subsequently have 25 great-grandchildren!

Now, at aged 111, Bob is being asked what is his secret to long life? He jokingly told the BBC that one of his secrets was “to avoid dying”, he also remarked, "I think laughter is extremely important”.

At the end of the month (29th March) he will turn 112 and will receive his certificate from Guinness stating that he is officially the world’s oldest man. He tells Sky News that was never something he intended to achieve however, he puts it down to good genes and “taking things as they come instead of worrying about them for months." Throughout his life, Bob has come across all the usual scares of flu, influenza and malaria as well as going through three operations, and two world wars, so it seems like incredibly pertinent advice.

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