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Easy BBQ dishes to impress the family

Dishing up kebabs from a BBQ

Barbeques are an essential summertime pursuit, bringing family and friends together, sharing delicious food and creating last memories. Whether you plan to host a BBQ or attend one, food is the name of the game and by bringing a dish to the table you can not only contribute (great if you aren’t hosting) but help the whole event feel more communal.

If you are attending a BBQ this summer and want to bring a dish to impress, read on to find some great suggestions.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Not all great mains have to be made on the barbeque and this is one example. Traditionally, pulled pork is laboured over for hours whilst being smoked but, with a simple slow cooker, you can create a wonderful dish that’s sure to impress and you will feel as though you’ve put no effort in at all.

Sarah, a blogger at Boo Roo and Tigger Too, tells us: “I have to state a case for a slow cooker pulled pork dish. What not strictly BBQ, it is one that you can pop on in the morning then you are free to get the 101 other things ready for the BBQ knowing that you have at least one perfect dish cooking in the background.”

Chicken and chorizo kebabs on a barbeque

Chicken and Chorizo Skewers

Kebabs and skewers are always a great option for barbeques as they are easy to make and look great. Plus, when making them yourself they are easy to customise and make your own, you can even easily make vegetarian and vegan versions for people with dietary restrictions.

Rachel, from the blog What Rachel Says, tells us her go-to combination: “Every time there's a family BBQ, I bring along Chicken and chorizo skewers with some red peppers. They're really easy to construct, tasty and always a crowd pleaser!”

Or, why not set up a create your own kebab section? Provided your ingredients are cooked through already, you can encourage people to stack up their own skewers and have them finished off on the barbeque for a fun dish!

Sweet Chilli Salmon

Another great option for a meat dish is to create something that can be cooked whole and then served into portions after. Preparing salmon is easy and simple but can offer a luxury feel to any barbeque and is great for seafood lovers.

Colin from Iceni Magazine tells us: “Meat is great on a BBQ, but so is fish! A salmon fillet with a generous drizzle of sweet chilli sauce wrapped in a foil parcel and cooked on the barbecue grill is delicious - simple but so tasty.”

Bowl of homemade guacamole and fresh tortilla chips

Homemade Guacamole

It’s not just the main dishes at a barbeque that are exciting, the side dishes can be just as great and, especially if you aren’t hosting the event, are a great way to chip in without taking any of the limelight from the host.

A simple homemade guacamole is great. It’s a recipe that many people like to put their own spin on as well, so why not try out a few different twists and create your own trademark guac recipe to bring to family events?

Sim from Sim’s Life loves to bring this as a side dish, telling us: “Homemade guacamole is super easy to make! Packed full of flavour and can easily be adapted to suit tastes. It's a total crowd-pleaser at BBQs, picnics and treat time.”

Caramelised Onions

Another essential side dish for any BBQ is onions. Loaded atop a burger or hotdog they take pride of place with ketchup or mustard and bringing them to the cookout can be a great way to help out the hosts with a dish.

Vicki, from Blossom Education, tells us: "I absolutely adore onions at a BBQ. Not raw though... they are too overpowering that way. I love caramelised balsamic onions - they go perfectly with sausage and are so much more interesting than the slightly raw yet somewhat burnt offerings usually seen at barbecues!”

Easy BBQ dishes to impress the family

  • Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
  • Chicken and Chorizo Skewers
  • Sweet Chilli Salmon
  • Homemade Guacamole
  • Caramelised Onions

By making any or all of these dishes you’re sure to serve up a feast at the next barbeque or contribute well to someone else’s. And, with the food out the way, you can spend cherished time with family and loved ones.

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