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Elderly couple commit to long-distance relationship through COVID-19 emergency

Old couple on walk

An older couple has committed to making their long-distance relationship work through the COVID-19 emergency.

The coronavirus pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives but it’s not stopping some people maintain their relationships. An older European couple is showing that love knows no bounds by enjoying romantic border visits with one another.

German, Karsten Hansen, 89, is meeting with his Danish girlfriend Inga Rasmussen, 85, every day at the border between the two countries. While maintaining social distancing, the two get to see each other’s faces and have a chat over coffee, biscuits, and local spirits.

The couple has been together for two years now and continue to spend every day with each other. Before now, they’d simply cross the border to be together, so clearly, the current pandemic, and the lockdown between the two countries, has been an obstacle to their romance.

Meeting at the border town of Aventoft, the Daily Mail reports: “The couple would normally hug and kiss but due to safe-distancing rules, they have to be content enjoying a toast to love with their drinks.”

The couple is looking forward to when travel restrictions are lifted in the two neighbouring countries so they can be reunited without this very real barrier between them.

Mayor of Tonder, Henrik Fredsen, initially spotted the couple during his daily exercise, resulting in the couple receiving worldwide attention: “On today's bike ride I laid the way past Møllehus border.

“This is where I met these two lovely people. She, 85 years old and lives in Gallehus. He, 89 years old and lives in Süderlügum. They've gotten to know each other at a late age and usually visit each other every day.

“Now they meet halfway at the blocked border. Let us stand together during this difficult time and find solutions together.”

It’s a heart-warming story and even if we can’t get as close as these two, relationships can still be cultivated over the phone, via video chat, and through online gatherings.

Let’s hope, however, that this crisis comes to an end soon so we can all be reunited with our loved ones in person.

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