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Gadgets to help you at home

Gadgets to help you at home

Living with limited mobility can pose a range of problems, especially in your later years. While previously you may have been able to open a jar or carry a heavy pot from the cooker, now you might struggle. This can be frustrating, fortunately there are a number of handy gadgets to help you at home, aside from a trusty stairlift. In this article, we look at some of the most useful tools to assist you in the kitchen and around the house.

Shoe remover

As we get older, reaching to our toes and fiddling with laces can become strenuous activities. This can mean simple tasks such as taking off your shoes can become difficult, which is why this tool is so useful. The shoe remover allows you to effortlessly remove your shoes, without any unnecessary and uncomfortable movement.

Ring pull tin opener

Tins can be a pain to open, even with a ring pull. The sharp edges and strength required can make this usually easy task a nightmare. The ring pull tin opener gives you great leverage and has a broad surface for grip. This useful gadget will almost certainly help in the kitchen if you find your dexterity has declined somewhat.

Bread cutting board

This Etac Cut cutting board makes slicing bread and other tough foods much easier. The strength and dexterity required to hold the foodstuff and cut can be beyond those with limited strength in their hands. The gadget can be adapted to suit different foods by turning the transverse bar. If you’re slicing a loaf of bread or a steak, for example, this also allows you to adjust the thickness. Knives easily fit in the guides allowing you to cut safely and neatly.


You may already be using mobility aids such as a stairlift at home, but if you regularly head out in a wheelchair, the Wheelybrella might be a helpful tool. This gadget easily attaches to your wheelchair to protect you from rain or sunshine on hot days, and allows you to move freely without worrying about gripping an umbrella.

Gtech AirRam

The main reason why people invest in gadgets, large or small, is to help retain their independence. Part of this is still being able to do household chores, such as vacuuming. The Gtech AirRam is a high performance, lightweight device, perfect for people who have limited mobility. The Gtech AirRam’s cordless design makes it easy to use while its many features, such as its powerful rotating brush bar, have been created to work on carpets and hard floors, as well as gathering pet hair.

Morphy Richards can opener

Opening cans with any can opener, even the more expensive models, can be a nightmare for elderly people and in fact anyone who suffers from joint pain or mobility problems. This multifunctional can opener by Morphy Richards features an automatic can opener and various other integrated opening tools, helping to alleviate stress in the kitchen.

Kettle tipper

When you struggle with limited mobility, navigating a kitchen can be problematic at the best of times. Elderly people may find lifting a kettle to make a cup of a tea quite a difficult feat. Kettle tippers are a great way of combating this problem. The kettle sits in the cradle of this device and is secured by an elasticated strap, allowing you to easily pour hot water without any heavy lifting. They are available for every type of kettle, including cordless.

Tea tool

A Kettle Tipper may remove the danger of scalding yourself however there are other difficulties in the process of making a cup of tea. The tea tool is perfect for anyone who struggles to grip or squeeze a teabag. It also prevents spillage and prevents any nasty burns. Simply put the teabag into the cage, place it in your cup and pour the hot water over the top. Once your tea has brewed, stir and press the plunger. This squeezes and secures the teabag and makes it easy to remove.

Automatic pan stirrer

If you already struggle to move around your home, the thought of standing at your cooker or counter stirring a sauce, soup or porridge can feel a little overwhelming. Standing for long periods of time can put a lot of strain on your joints, so Uutensil’s automatic pan stirrer may be a welcome addition to your kitchen. With the push of a button, the product rotates by itself, leaving you free to get on with something else while saving you from any additional strain.

With so many innovative gadgets being introduced, there’s no excuse not to embrace technology to help you at home. As well as straight and curved stairlifts, these useful tools may also be a welcome addition to your household.

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