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Healthy New Year’s resolutions for older people in 2019

A sign for the new year

The new year is the perfect time to make positive changes in your life. Although New Year’s resolutions can sometimes seem unachievable and unattainable, jotting down a few goals that you would like to work towards can be a better way of approaching the subject.

As you get older, it is important to try and make a few healthy alterations to your life, whether it be through your diet, increasing the amount of exercise you’re doing, or even making sure that you take frequent trips outside of your home, for both socialising and for a spot of fresh air. These simple tasks can have huge health benefits, such as reducing your risk of heart disease and dementia, whilst allowing you to maintain your independence and confidence. So, with 2018 slowly coming to an end, we take a look at ten healthy resolutions to encourage you to have a healthier 2019!


Pick up an exercise routine

A roll mat used for yoga

No matter what your age, exercising regularly is incredibly important. However, as you get older, keeping active is a fantastic way of improving your mobility. When the new year comes around, one of the most common resolutions made by people is exercise-related, but the way in which you tackle this can have an impact on whether or not you stick to it.

Classes, such as those held by Move it or Lose it! are specifically created to help older adults continue to engage in physical activity. Not only are the classes great at keeping you fit, but they also can benefit your mental wellbeing, with the classes a fantastic way of reducing feelings of isolation.

If you’re currently quite inactive and live a sedentary lifestyle, deciding that you’re going to sign up to a gym will not be the most effective method for you. Instead, decide to make a conscious effort to move more, either around the house or enjoying a light walk each day. Completing your goal in manageable steps allows you to make better progress which will, in turn, encourage you to increase your activity.

Exercising comes with a wealth of benefits which are particularly important for older people. As you age, your muscle density begins to deteriorate, something which can have a negative impact on your balance. If you feel as though you are prone to falls, stretching your muscles through activities such as yoga can improve your strength and flexibility, keeping you more stable when you’re on your feet.

Not only does exercise help you improve your physical wellbeing, but also your mental health. Sleeping problems are prominent amongst older people, with restless nights and an inability to sleep being detrimental in your day-to-day life. However, improving your cardiovascular health through aerobic activities aids your quality of sleep and allows you to sleep more deeply. This will massively improve your mood throughout the day, reducing negative feelings such as sadness and loneliness.


Make your home more mobility friendly

A woman using a walking frame

As you get older, you may find that daily tasks around your home are getting slightly harder. Being unable to reach higher shelves in your kitchen whilst preparing dinner, as well as navigate the stairs as efficiently as you once would’ve, can act as a deterrent and be disheartening. However, in the new year, investing in items such as a stairlift for your home can be a great help, allowing you to regain your sense of independence.

There are many simple fixes that can be made throughout the home that are accompanied by a plethora of benefits. From remodelling bathrooms and kitchens to make everything at a more accessible height to adding rails to study walls to aid you in getting up, these things will allow you to make your way around your home with ease. Specialist kitchen companies, such as KSBA create designs that are catered towards your space, installing kitchen fittings at the right height for those using wheelchairs, in addition to taking any visual impairments into consideration.

Making your home more mobility friendly doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. If you sit down with a friend or family member and voice your areas of concern, together and throughout 2019, you can begin to action these changes.


Socialise more

Two older people sitting on a bench

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be expensive. In fact, one of the most beneficial resolutions that you can make is to socialise with friends and meet up with family more. In older age, loneliness can be one of the biggest problems that you face. Whether you have low mobility or no longer have a friendship circle to turn to, feelings of isolation can start to have a negative impact on every area of your wellbeing. Making a conscious effort to socialise more can help keep these feelings at bay, whilst allowing you to reconnect with others.

One of the main reasons that people spend a lot of time alone is because they don’t feel as though they have a group of friends to spend time with. Your local community can be great at changing this, with a range of clubs and societies out there for you to join. Friendship centres are also great options if you’re looking to reintroduce yourself into socialising, with a list of groups available to join on The Friendship Centre Federation’s website. Attending these meetings can be daunting to begin with, especially if you’re prone to experiencing anxiety, but you’ll soon feel right at home amongst your new group of friends.


Find a hobby

Paintbrushes used for painting

There are many benefits that accompany having a hobby. From mentally engaging you, improving your focus, to bringing you happiness, finding the right activity for you can be fantastic for your wellbeing. There is a plethora of different things for you to try your hand at. Whether you’re looking for a free hobby that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, or something a little more adventurous, having something to invest your time in can be a great distraction when you’re feeling down.

Keeping you occupied, a hobby can be anything from painting to cycling, and from gardening to cooking. Find something that inspires you; hobbies shouldn’t be seen as something to cause you stress, so you don’t need to push yourself too much out of your comfort zone in order to find something fun. Although sports such as walking football, swimming and golf are fantastic options, even for those with low mobility, it might take a while to work towards the level of proficiency that you wish you had. So, other options, such as walking and cycling are often a great alternative to get you started.

Other hobbies, such as gardening, are good options if you’re looking to stay at home but reap the benefits of being outside. If you are without a garden, consider applying for an allotment or joining a community group with access to one instead. Additionally, cooking is something that can relax your mind, whilst giving you a feeling of accomplishment. Rediscover old cookbooks or explore new recipes for the greatest benefits.


Stay on top of your health check-ups

A doctor at a medical examination

Your health is of paramount importance, especially when you’re getting older. However, doctor’s appointments are something that are regularly overlooked. Making sure that you have regular health check-ups is vital, as they allow both yourself and your doctor to be aware of any changes in your health. In addition to blood tests to help detect any unusual levels of things in your blood, having your weight and height recorded, as well as your blood pressure, means that a health profile can be created, and advice offered to help you stay healthy.

If you’re feeling unwell, then a visit to the doctor should happen at your earliest convenience. This will allow anything that could be cause for concern to be detected and the right medical treatment administered.


Eat a balanced diet

Fruit and vegetables used in a balanced diet

A balanced diet can have a positive impact on many elements of your life, including your health and happiness. As you get older, your body reacts to your diet differently. Whereas you once could’ve relied on a small number of vitamins and minerals, your body’s natural levels of these have depleted with age and now you’re in need of a more reliable source. Your muscles lean tissue has decreased, resulting in a larger body fat percentage.

Good nutrition can help combat some of the side effects of ageing that your body may be experiencing. Having a balanced diet with a large portion of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fibre-rich foods, is beneficial. As a resolution in the new year, make a conscious effort to eat more home-cooked meals. This can be either by picking up cooking as a hobby and cooking for yourself or even asking family and friends for help in the kitchen. There is also a number of schemes which encourage older people to eat freshly cooked food, delivering it straight to your door, which could be a great option if you have low mobility.


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