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High-intensity interval training is best for older people

Older people exercising

A study has found that high-intensity interval training is the best type of exercise for older people’s health. The research found that five-years of this type of training increased people’s quality of life as well as improve their fitness.

The Generation 100 study, which was published on Medical Xpress, divided participants into three different training groups when it began back in 2012. One group was assigned to do high-intensity interval training twice a week, another group was told to train at a steady and moderate intensity for two days a week and the third group was not offered organised training but told to follow the Norwegian health authorities' recommendations.

The results from the research found that both physical and mental quality of life was better in the high-intensity group after five years than in the other two groups.

Dorthe Stensvold, a professor in the Cardiac Exercise Research Group at NTNU, helped organise the study. She said: “First of all, I have to say that exercise, in general, seems to be good for the health of the elderly. And our study results show that on top of that, training regularly at high-intensity has an extra positive effect.”

People who suffer from mobility problems and need aids such as stairlifts in the UK can still take part in high-intensity interval training and Dorthe Stensvold hopes the study will “encourage older people even more strongly to do high intensity-training — either as their only form of exercise or to supplement more moderate training”.

There are high-intensity training programmes that are specially made for older people with mobility issues. You can see a Joe Wicks chair training video below.

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