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How chocolate can boost your brain power

How chocolate can boost your brain power

Chocolate is often seen as an indulgence, a treat to oneself or a bad habit that you just can’t shake. However this may not be the case and this long maligned snack could have the power to do us some good.

Thanks to some recent research, it is believed that dark chocolate can be a great preventative of atrial fibrillation (afib). Afib is unfortunately one of the most common types of irregular heartbeat, but now you can reduce the risk by eating a little dark chocolate every week.

The studies show that those who ate dark chocolate at least once a month had 10 to 20 percent lower afib rates than those who did not eat it. For the lowest risk of afib, women should eat an ounce of dark chocolate a week, while men should eat the same amount at least twice a week.

Those with limited mobility are often at higher risk of heart problems. If you rely on mobility aids such as stair lifts, consider supplementing your diet with a small amount of dark chocolate as well as low intensity exercise to reduce your risk.

This news could not have come at a better time as the 7th July was world chocolate day. Chocolates with high sugar content such as milk and white do not have the same benefits as the cocoa rich dark chocolate. If you are looking for a healthier alternative this month, then switching to dark chocolate may be for you.

If you want to incorporate dark chocolate into more of your own baking and are looking for inspiration, the Chocablog is something you should definitely follow. Stuffed full of tantalising recipes, it is hard to know where to start, however they have recipes that cater to beginners and experts alike as well as every palette.

Image Credit: AlexanderStein