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How Pilates can improve your balance

Lady doing pilates

The past year has been so different to other years as many people have had to spend a lot more time at home than in previous years. Many may have found themselves staying indoors and avoiding any outdoor exercise where possible, which is why finding other ways to keep our bodies and minds active is even more important, especially for those who rely on aids like curved and straight stairlifts.

Pilates and yoga are both great ways to keep your body moving and supple, and Pilates, in particular, is great for improving balance, something older people often struggle with. Here are some of the ways Pilates improves your stability and balance:

Strengthens your muscles

Pilates is incredible at strengthening your muscles. Stretching your body into shapes it doesn’t often find itself in can strengthen muscles you might not often use, in turn strengthening your whole body. Pilates is all about balance and balance is a great way to build muscle and tone existing muscle.

Increases flexibility

Much like Yoga, Pilates is also great for increasing flexibility, by stretching out the muscles in your body you are increasing their elasticity. The more classes you do, the more your muscles will get used to being pushed, which in turn will make you more flexible. Being flexible is great for improving balance and avoiding falls.

Improves posture

One of the main factors of poor balance is bad posture. Bad posture can be the cause of unnecessary injuries and incidents that can otherwise be avoided. The process of taking Pilates classes can improve the way the body holds itself, over time improving stature.

If you’re worried about your balance and are looking for a simple and effective way of improving this, then think about giving Pilates a go.

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