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How smart technology can improve your home

Google Home on Kitchen Shelf

As we spend more time at home than ever before, many people have used this year as a chance to upgrade. But have you considered smart home technology and the amazing advantages it can have for your home?

If not, in this article we look at what smart technology actually is and the benefits it can have for you.

What is smart technology?

To put it simply, smart technology is a range of technology that connects your home appliances with the internet. Smart devices can usually be operated remotely, and often use artificial intelligence, or machine learning, in order to better serve their purpose.

Smart technology is a way to connect the appliances and systems we already use in our homes and make them work better and more conveniently for us.

How smart technology can improve your home?

Better connectivity with family and friends

This year more than ever, being able to stay connected with our family and friends has been incredibly important. From video call-quizzes to discussing the latest series we have streamed online; technology has become the hinge on which a lot of our social interactions rest. One of the biggest advantages of utilising smart home technology is to make your connectivity with family and friends even easier.

Smart speakers and assistants are one piece of technology that can be a great help in keeping connected with the family. Call friends and loved ones using the speaker, send text messages and emails and, you can now get smart assistants with cameras built-in, perfect for impromptu video calling!

Smart lock on door with mobile app

Improved security and surveillance

Something that can give us great peace of mind is knowing that our home is safe and secure at all times. One area where smart technology really shows its full potential is in home security and surveillance. Using your smartphone, you can lock and unlock doors and windows, monitor CCTV cameras and even answer your front door.

For those with limited mobility and who rely on mobility aids like a curved stair lift, using smart technology can be a great way to control your home without having to move. Whether that’s being able to answer the door quickly when the postman rings the bell to unlocking to door to let in friends, family or care staff, having the control in the palm of your hand can save unnecessary trips.

Marlon, a smart home technology expert from Hometech Hacker spoke to us about this, explaining: “Smart home technology can provide convenience and improve safety, especially for those with mobility limitations. For example, when a visitor is at your home's door you can see them, chat with them, and even decide to unlock the door and let them in without having to go to the door.”

Hands-free and accessible

As we have already mentioned, one of the biggest perks of smart home technology is that a lot of it is either hands-free or easily accessible by a phone or smart display. Not only does this have its perks, like being able to turn the heating on whilst you are out of the house, but it also means that it’s easier to access in an emergency.

For people with low mobility, the worry of trips and falls can be high and, in these situations, having a way to call for help just using their voice can literally be lifesaving. You may not want to imagine situations like that occurring but, when they do, having smart technology in your home can mean that even if you don’t have a mobile phone handy you are still able to contact someone in a time of need.

Checking heating from phone app

Easy to use and convenient

Smart technology may sound complicated, but once installed in your home it’s both easy and convenient to use. And, for larger smart technology systems like heating systems, you may even have the option to get them installed for you by a professional.

Once installed, smart home technology is all about ease of use and you should find that everything works intuitively. A lot of systems now use artificial intelligence to learn more about you, and your routines, and work as and when you need them. For example, if you turn the lights off at 10 pm every night for bed, the system will learn that.

How technology can improve your home?

  • Better connectivity with family and friends
  • Improved security and surveillance
  • Hands-free and accessible
  • Easy to use and convenient

So, are you sold on smart technology? It’s a great investment that can make a big difference to your home and your life. With the vast range of amazing in-home technology available, from smart tech to mobility aids like home stairlifts, it’s a surprise anyone wants to leave their homes at all!

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