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How supermarkets are helping the vulnerable with shopping

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Due to the ongoing health crisis regarding COVID-19, food shopping isn’t quite the same as it used to be. Fortunately, supermarkets are doing their part to help the vulnerable.

As the older demographics and those with pre-existing conditions are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus, supermarkets have implemented priority delivery slots. This means that those who can’t get safely to a supermarket are still able to get their shopping delivered to their door.

Unfortunately, many delivery slots are booked up at stores like Tesco’s for weeks on end, making it harder for older customers to utilise them. As a result, Tesco is asking all those who are able to pick up their goods in person to do so, therefore freeing up slots for those who really need them.

Some supermarkets such as Iceland and Waitrose, however, have put aside priority delivery slots, where only those over 65, who have disabilities, or who are vulnerable can utilise them.

Many of those who are eligible for these slots will have also received a letter in the post, letting them know how they can get extra support regarding food delivery. Those in this group are being asked to sign up to the Government’s scheme for such assistance.

But, if you have not received a letter and consider yourself to be among the most vulnerable, you can still fill out the form.

Further to this, some supermarkets are dedicating specific hours for older customers to shop.

What supermarkets have dedicated hours for the elderly and vulnerable?

  • Iceland - All Iceland stores have dedicated opening hours for older people and the vulnerable. It differs from store to store so check your local store's opening times to find out more.
  • M&S – The first hour of trade on Mondays and Thursdays is set aside for over 70s and the vulnerable.
  • Waitrose – The first opening hour every day is for older people and the vulnerable.
  • Co-Op – Time is dedicated to the vulnerable from 8am to 9am Monday to Saturday and from 10am to 11am on Sundays in all stores.
  • Sainsbury’s – Shopping hours for older customers and the vulnerable from 8-9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Tesco – All Tesco stores (except Express) have hours for older people and the vulnerable between 9am and 10am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Make sure to check your local store details to ensure these times are up to date in your area.

Local councils have also set up food parcel deliveries, so check with your local authority as you may be able to receive assistance there, especially if you are over the pension age, are a stairlift user, or have a pre-existing condition.

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