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How to beat the end of summer blues

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When summer comes to an end, it can have a negative emotional impact on many of us. From the darker evenings to seeing grandkids less often due to the return to school, the end of summer can feel like a sad time of year. It doesn’t have to be this way, however. If you are feeling the end of summer blues, perhaps lamenting the onset of autumn, this article highlights some tips for overcoming such negative feelings and making the best of the autumn transition.

Make some weekend plans

With the end of summer, it can be easy to feel sad about saying goodbye to all the fun you had been having. During the summer we often make lots of plans with friends and family, going for fun days out to parks, beaches, and attractions. Grandparents, for example, might be feeling blue as their grandchildren have gone back to school, meaning they won’t see them as often.

A great way to combat this dour feeling, however, is by making some weekend plans. Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy fun activities and gatherings with family and friends. Make some arrangements for the weekends to come, arrange for a day out with a grandchild, plan a nice lunch, visit an attraction etc. That way you can keep those summer vibes going well into autumn.

Appreciate what autumn brings 

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Yes, summer is a wonderful time of year, but autumn also has a lot going for it. Instead of mourning the loss of summer, try to appreciate what autumn brings, that way you can put a positive spin on the changing of the seasons.

While the weather might not be quite as hot, autumn is a beautiful time of year, especially with the pretty colours of the trees and falling leaves. The nights are drawing in but that can be a nice thing too, providing opportunities for cosey evenings at home with a blanket, a good book and a favourite TV show. Autumn also means the Halloween festivities are on the way – this can be a lovely occasion for meeting up with family and enjoying each other’s company. Think about what you like about autumn and focus on that instead of what you will miss about summer.

Sarah, from the lifestyle blog, Life in Full Flavour, shared with us that embracing autumn is part of her advice for beating the end of summer blues: “It can be hard to transition to the colder weather and the darker evenings as the summer turns to autumn. For me, it helps to plan some fun autumn activities, so I have something to look forward to for the coming season. A countryside walk to enjoy the changing colours of the trees, a hot chocolate in a cafe with a friend, or curling up with a good book as the nights are now darker are all things I love to do.

“Be sure to keep in touch with friends and family too. It always feels much easier to socialise in the warmer and brighter weather of the summer but look for ways to get together that work for you, such as breakfast or lunch instead of meeting in the evening.”

Book a short break

In order to make it feel like summer is lasting a bit longer, why not consider booking a short break? A little trip away somewhere can keep that summer feeling going into the autumn and you will also find that rates are cheaper when travelling outside of the summer season. It could be a weekend away somewhere in the UK or a trip abroad, whatever you fancy. You could go alone, with friends, or see if any family members are free for a weekend. Having a mini holiday to look forward to as summer comes to an end will certainly give your morale a boost as autumn starts to approach.

Alison, from the blog, Midlife and Beyond, has spoken to us about her tips for combatting the end of summer blues, sharing that it’s helpful to make exciting plans: “That low mood feeling between summer and Autumn, I know only too well. It’s a time when you stare at the oncoming dark nights and freezing months, ahead, and feel downright miserable. My advice would be to not abandon hope but find ways to get excited.

“So, build in moments and events to look forward to, each month. I believe these would serve as welcome distractions and help combat the winter blues. Understandably, everyone works to a budget. For example, if you could afford it, I would recommend two breaks, abroad, say between November and February, e.g., a European weekend city break and a week somewhere sunny and warm like the Canaries, to welcome in the following spring – it could be just the tonic!

“Or, if your budget doesn’t allow the above, try to get away for one or two nights each or even every other month in a B&B or cheap discount hotel – maybe in the next county to give you that ‘getting away’ feeling. It would definitely take your mind off the cold and give you something to look forward to.”

Take advantage of the sun while it lasts 

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A great way to beat the end of summer blues is to take advantage of the sunshine while it lasts. There might be a bit less of it, but the sun doesn’t simply stop shining when autumn starts. So, get out there and embrace the outdoors before the cold weather truly sets in. When there is a nice day, go out and do some of the things you would enjoy in the summer, especially things like a walk on the beach or a picnic in the park. Take advantage of the weekends as an opportunity to see family, have lunch outside, and keep enjoying the things that you know won’t be quite so appealing when winter comes around.

Look forward to the future

Another great tip for beating the end of summer blues is to make sure you have things to look forward to in the future. Have you made any plans over the next few months? Keep those happy thoughts in mind. It can be something big like a Christmas family get-together, something sooner like a Halloween event, or something small like a grandchild coming to stay with you for a weekend. Think smaller still and focus on how much you are looking forward to a new book coming out or the return of one of your favourite TV shows. Whether it’s an event in your local community, someone’s birthday or a date in the calendar that’s important to you, look forward to those things that are on the horizon to help you beat the autumn blues.

Make the end of summer memorable

To stop you from being swallowed up by the end of summer blues each year, you could consider starting a new end of summer tradition to put a happier spin on things. You could initiate an end of summer family BBQ where you and your loved ones gather together each year to enjoy each other’s company. Similarly, you could put together a family picnic or do something adventurous that you have always wanted to try. Whatever it is, make sure it is something fun that can become a tradition each year. That way, when summer starts to wane, you will have something nice to look forward to and positive feelings associated with this time of year.

Tips for beating the end of summer blues

  • Make some weekend plans
  • Appreciate what autumn brings
  • Book a short break
  • Take advantage of the sun while it lasts
  • Look forward to the future
  • Make the end of summer memorable

We hope the tips and advice in this guide have been helpful. If you need any help with your mobility at home this autumn, get in touch with us to enquire about installing a curved stairlift – it could be just the thing you need to improve your independence and your enjoyment of home life.

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