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How to explore the world's best museums from home

State Hermitage Museum Russia

At the time of publishing this article, much of the world is confined to their homes due to the coronavirus. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still experience a world-class museum. Fortunately, many of the world’s most famous museums are allowing people to visit them virtually. Whether it’s through the magic of Google Arts and Culture or via the museum’s own virtual tours, videos, and audio commentaries. As a result, all one needs is an internet connection to get an incredible dose of culture.

In this article, we have highlighted a handful of the very best museums around the world, letting you know how you can experience them virtually. So, for those in isolation, or those who own stairlifts and want a more convenient option, let’s have a look at what’s available. 

The British Museum (London)

The UK’s grandest museum was founded in 1753 and is, in fact, the first-ever public museum in the world. The British Museum is home to some eight million pieces, which is among the largest collections ever assembled. From artefacts and books to art exhibitions and prized assets like the Rosetta Stone, there is so much to see.

Kasia, from the blog Kasia Writes, is a big museum fan and loved her visit to the British Museum: “The British Museum is home to a number of very significant items. Their discoveries and subsequent preservation allowed us to understand the past and learn about old cultures. I have always loved museums and the opportunity to visit a place with so many such unique items was just too tempting.”

How to experience the British Museum from home

To experience this incredible museum from the comfort of your home, you have a number of options.

You can utilise Google Arts and Culture – an online portal that allows you to virtually explore the museum as if you were actually there. Simply click the images to move around the different rooms and exhibits.

The museum has some virtual galleries available on their website.

There is also a range of audio tours available on Apple Music and Google Play.

More options available here.

Guggenheim Museum (New York)


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The Guggenheim in New York is one of the finest galleries dedicated to impressionist and contemporary art in the world. Over a million visitors flock through its doors every year to see its ever-expanding collection of post-impressionist and early modern works of genius. The museum has even been named a World Heritage Site.

How to experience the Guggenheim from home

You can experience the Guggenheim from your sofa via the magic of Google Arts and Culture, allowing you to walk its halls yourself.

The Guggenheim Digital Guide is a free phone app with audio guides to the museum and exhibitions available.  

They also have an archive of live-streamed videos with staff members discussing particular exhibitions.

More options here.

State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg)

State Hermitage Museum St Petersburg

The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is one of the world’s most impressive and its second-largest. Housed in the opulent Winter Palace – itself a piece of art and a former palace of Russia’s tsars – the museum was started by Catherine the Great in the 1700s, as the Empress was hellbent on assembling the greatest collection of art known to man. Treasures include priceless masterpieces from Rembrandt and Raphael.

How to experience the State Hermitage Museum from home

You can see what the State Hermitage Museum is all about by virtually exploring the museum via Google Arts and Culture.

The museum has its own virtual tour experience as well, which features fascinating factoids about the various pieces of art you come across on your virtual journey. Just click the links to go to a different area of the museum.

From the ‘Hall of the Art of Ancient Greece’ to the ‘History of the Golden Horde’, there’s plenty to discover.

Louvre Museum (Paris)


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The Louvre in Paris is one of the world’s most iconic landmarks and a museum of exceptional quality. So, the chance to visit from your favourite chair at home shouldn’t be missed. You could spend years ogling at the incredible works of art on display, with some of its prized assets including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and sculptures from Michelangelo.

How to experience the Louvre from home

The Louvre has shared some virtual tours of the museum via its website. Here you can experience the Petite Galerie, Egyptian Antiquities, and the remains of the Louvre's moat.

Fans of the museum have also provided others with ways of experiencing the Louvre from home, including the below hour-long, 4k virtual tour on YouTube.

The Acropolis Museum (Athens)


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For those in love with Ancient Greece or fascinated by Bronze Age and Byzantine history, the Acropolis Museum in Athens is the place to be. The items on display here are focused on the findings of the Acropolis archaeological site, featuring must-see Greek, Roman, and Byzantine-era artefacts. Some of the ancient statues and busts here date back to before 500 BC.

How to experience the Acropolis Museum from home

The best way to virtually experience the Acropolis Museum is via Google Arts and Culture.

On the museum’s main Arts and Culture page, you can see stills of the various artefacts, along with descriptions and details of note.

You can also enjoy a virtual tour of the museum via Arts and Culture, allowing you get to get up close and personal to some these ancient treasures.

What museums can you explore virtually?

  • The British Museum (London)
  • Guggenheim Museum (New York)
  • State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg)
  • Louvre Museum (Paris)
  • The Acropolis Museum (Athens)

These are just some of the many offerings available. While it’s not quite being there in person, we think you will agree, it’s pretty incredible that we can enjoy these world-famous museums without having to leave the house. Hopefully, you will enjoy exploring them virtually until you get the chance to visit yourself!

Head to Google Arts and Culture if a museum you want to visit isn’t listed in this article. Just utilise the search function in the upper right-hand corner.

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