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How to get a better night’s sleep

Lady sleeping in bed

World Sleep Day takes place on 19th March 2021 and celebrates everything sleep-related, from sleep advice from professionals to the benefits of a good night’s sleep. News Motability has written an article to celebrate the day and has gone into a bit more detail about how to get a better night’s sleep.

Sleep is so important to the quality of life so it is essential that we are all getting enough and our sleep is deep and relaxed. Here are three tips that the article mentioned.

Create a pattern

A pattern is something our body and brain thrives on and a set of established sleeping hours will allow your body and mind to work at full capacity.

The article explains more about what sort of routine you should be looking to stick to: “Establish what time you want to be waking up each morning and then work backwards – so if it’s 7am and you need eight hours of sleep, you should be aiming to go to sleep at 11pm. Create that routine and stick to it as much as you possibly can. Even if you have a disrupted or shortened night’s sleep, resist the urge to go to bed much earlier as this will disrupt the pattern you are programming your body and mind to follow.”

Slow down gently

Trying to go to sleep straight after watching the TV or sitting on your phone isn’t a good idea, you need to give your body time to unwind gently before settling down to snooze. Establishing a bit of a schedule that you follow before you get into bed is a great idea and avoiding caffeine after 3pm will help your body naturally tire.

A simple sleep routine:

  • Have a bath or shower to calm the body
  • Do your skincare or apply body lotion
  • Do some simple stretches to soothe the body
  • Get into bed, leaving your phone untouched
  • Read a book or listen to a podcast

Create the right environment

Your sleeping environment can have a huge impact on your sleep quality so making sure it is right for you can help you get a better nights relaxation.

“Your bedroom should be designed to encourage sleep. It’s thought that the ideal temperature for sleep is between 18C and 24C and thick curtains that block out the light are advantageous, likewise double-glazed windows that keep out any outside noise. A mattress and pillow that support your neck and spine will promote better sleep – a mattress that sags on a bed frame that squeaks will not.” News Motability comments.

If you have limited mobility or rely on straight or curved stairlifts to get around your home and you often struggle to sleep, it can be hard to find solutions that work. These tips are ones you should look to incorporate into your routine so you get the sleep you deserve.

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