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How to set up a disability-friendly home office

An office setup

With a lot of the UK having to work from home due to the pandemic that has taken grip of the country, many have had to adapt their homes to accommodate for extra working spaces and office areas. But for those with limited mobility who may otherwise rely on straight and curved stairlifts making sure their home set up is exacting to their needs can be a little trickier. An article released by Motability explains a little more about the best ways to set up a disability-friendly home office.


As with any office, the layout needs to be thought out carefully, and this is something that needs even more consideration for someone who may suffer from mobility issues or needs to use a wheelchair on a daily basis. Making sure the room is clear enough to allow you to move freely and easily is essential.

The article explains: “Any home office needs to be set out so that it’s easy to move around without bumping into or tripping over objects, so your use of space is key. If you have bookshelves or tables, place them along walls to keep the centre of the room as open as possible.”


It is known that having the right amount of daylight or bright artificial light can be a huge benefit to those working in their own homes. The article suggests placing your desk as close to natural light as possible: “Too little light has the opposite effect and has been found to contribute towards depression and other deficiencies in the body. If you have the option, place your desk close to a window and natural light. If you don’t have that option, look to make the most of ‘ambient’ and ‘task lighting’.”


For those who may use a wheelchair or require a little more space, making sure your workspace is placed in easy-to-reach areas to avoid having to move about the room unnecessarily: “If you’re visually impaired, marking drawers, compartments and switches, with embossed or colour-coded stickers will make it easy to identify what you’re reaching for.”

The hardware and software

It may not seem overly obvious but thinking about the equipment you are using is important too. If you struggle to reach the keyboard or need to be able to move it around your desk then investing in an external keyboard is probably wise. As well as this, making sure you have a fast and reliable internet that doesn’t require re-booting often is also great.

Making sure your space around you suits your needs is one of the most important aspects of working from home. Follow these simple tips to ensure you’re space is working as best it can.

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