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How to travel the world without leaving the UK

Durdle Door in Dorset

With the ongoing pandemic still affecting countries worldwide, this year, many people are instead opting to stay in the UK and enjoy a staycation. This way, people don’t have to worry about holidays potentially costing more due to travel restrictions or being cancelled altogether whilst the UK continues to unlock.

But, if you are wondering what the UK can offer you compared to international destinations, the answer is a lot. Whether it’s exciting cuisine you are after or hot, sunny beaches, you’d be surprised at the options on your doorstep. In this article, we show you the amazing locations you can visit to get your holiday boxes ticked.

What are you looking for in a holiday?

Porth Conger on St Agnes, Isles of Scilly

Hot Sun and Beaches

For many, a holiday abroad is a way to enjoy some hot sun and long, stunning beaches. The UK, however, isn’t exactly known for having amazing weather. But, there are locations in the UK where you can enjoy some Mediterranean heat and spectacular beaches.

Located off the southeast coast of Cornwall, The Isles of Scilly are our recommendation for anyone who is looking to enjoy some warmer temperatures on their holiday. This remote archipelago offers some stunning beaches and amazing warmth but is also quiet and secluded, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the crowds.

If you’d rather not leave the mainland then Cornwall is another amazing option. Cornwall was the most popular staycation destination in 2020 and there is good reason for that. With stunning beaches and coves, an idyllic way of life and plenty of attractions, it’s a wonderful place to visit.

Rachel from What Rachel Says recommends Cornwall, telling us: “When I need a getaway from the UK I always travel to Cornwall. Not only is it one of the most beautiful spots in the UK with picturesque views, sandy beaches and warmer than the British average weather, it also has a rich history. It's like travelling abroad, except it's right on your doorstep!”

Snow and Mountains

Some travellers prefer to forgo the sun and beaches for a snowscape, enjoying snowy mountain resorts and cooler destinations. Whether it’s spending time skiing, enjoying some Nordic beauty or indulging in a Christmas getaway, there are lots of reasons why a snowy holiday might suit someone better.

The best place in the UK by far for this is the Scottish Highlands. The same distance north as parts of Norway and Sweden, here you can enjoy some breathtaking snow and peaks as well as a good old fashioned Scottish welcome.

Petra from A Mum Reviews tells us: “If you are looking for snowy mountain adventures, you don’t need to head to the Alps or Scandinavia – Scotland has some beautiful options too like Ben Nevis and the Nevis Range Mountain Resort which offers you impressive mountains and stunning views. It is the perfect destination if you are into snow sports like skiing or snowboarding and want to stay closer to home for this winter’s adventures.”

It's also somewhere close to Karen from The 3am Diary’s heart: “As a child I also learned to ski in Scotland and now the pandemic has helped me rethink my travels and I'm keen to head back to Scotland instead of abroad to get my snow fix in the stunning mountains there.”

Another wonderful option is Snowdonia in North Wales. Although you’ll have to plan your trip right to get snow, the peaks that can be found here are unforgettable. Ben Nevis may be the tallest mountain in the UK, but Mount Snowdon is the second and the peak is even accessible by train for those who don’t want to tackle the hike. A great mountain option for those who need assistance, such as stairlifts, in the UK.

Ammonite found on the Jurassic Coast in England

Intriguing History and Architecture

If it’s historic attractions you are looking for, the UK has that in abundance. All across the map, you can find ancient ruins, well-preserved castles and stories from yesteryear. Plus, the history of the UK spans many different eras, so you’ll be able to get a slice of everything from the Paleozoic Era and its dinosaurs through to the more recent Industrial Revolution and up until modern day.

One of the most unique locations in the UK for history lovers is down on the Jurassic Coast. This 95-mile stretch of coastline between Devon and Dorset is an amazing place for fossil hunting – it was even inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for this. One of history’s most important palaeontologists, Mary Anning, lived in Lyme Regis and found her fame here after discovering the first complete Ichthyosaur skeleton at only 12 years old! Why not try your luck on a staycation?

Another part of history that people love to observe on holiday are varying architectural styles. Especially in mainland Europe, you can see a great range of architecture that gives each destination its own aura. You don’t have to miss out on that in the UK, as Edinburgh offers a great alternative. Robbie from Paternal Damnation tells us: “For anyone missing the stunning architecture and history that cities such as Bruges or Vienna offer, Edinburgh might just be the perfect UK break.

“With a host of neoclassical and Georgian buildings to boast of, Edinburgh is an absolute treat for those who like to soak up their surroundings. Many places, including the famous Edinburgh Castle (and the unparalleled vantage point it offers over the city), are open to the public too.”

Exciting Cuisine

Trying exciting and new cuisine is one of the best parts of travelling internationally. With so many different cuisines, ingredients and tastes to try, you’ll be able to try something new on every journey. The UK is an incredibly diverse country and so, especially in popular cities, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cuisine you cannot sample between the ample food markets and hole-in-the-wall gems.

When it comes to diversity and dining options, there is no better place in the UK than London. From bustling China Town in the city centre to food markets like Borough Market and curry houses in Brick Lane, there is so much choice here you wouldn’t be able to try everything, even if you had a lifetime to do it. To work out where to start, we suggest you check out Time Out.

If you’d rather go somewhere a bit more northernly, Manchester is another great option. Like London, you’ll find great pockets of foodie experiences around the city, however, Manchester is also a great place to try some proper British dishes and local delicacies – after all, that’s the best way to embrace the cuisine of the place you are travelling!

View from Cockshaw Hill in the North York Moors National Park

Outdoor Activities

For fans of hiking, there are few places better in the UK than the North York Moors. This stunning location can offer everything from coastal views to historic attractions and of course, a brilliant portion of fish and chips!

Talking about her home county and the North York Moors, Vicki from Blossom Education explains: “It really does have it all - amazing coastal locations, such as Whitby, Staithes, Robin Hood's Bay and Saltburn; beautiful architecture, like York Minster; fabulous views, from the North Yorkshire Moors; and quaint rural villages and market towns in the Dales, for example, Hawes and Middleham. It's a glorious place to visit and you'll definitely return, as there's way too much to see to pack it into just one holiday.”

If you enjoy being closer to water, then The Lake District is a must-visit. Filled with stunning vistas, The Lake District offers a range of amazing walks and hikes but also some great water-based activities. Why not try your hand at canoeing or sailing?

How to travel the world without leaving the UK:

  • For Hot Sun and Beaches – Isles of Scilly or Cornwall.
  • For Snow and Mountains – Scottish Highlands or Snowdonia.
  • For History and Architecture – Jurassic Coast or Edinburgh.
  • For Exciting Cuisine – London or Manchester.
  • For Outdoor Activities – North Yorkshire Moors or The Lake District.

The UK is a fantastic destination for a holiday, and, with no long travel time, no unfamiliar languages and no need to exchange your money, it’s also a simple one to organise. Whether you choose to go with your grandchildren, enjoy it as a romantic vacation or enjoy it with friends, there is plenty on offer to give you a memorable trip and make you wonder why you ever preferred international holidays in the first place.

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