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How your new Christmas slippers could prevent falls

How your new Christmas slippers could prevent falls

Staying on your feet is a priority, especially in the winter where adverse weather conditions can make paths slippery and treacherous. However inside and away from snow and ice, you could still be at risk of falling, but this time it may be due to your slippers.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board hopes the second year of their Slippers for Christmas Campaign will be successful at raising awareness to old and ill-fitting footwear within the home. With over half the falls that occur happening within the home, it is no surprise that hospitals are looking to reduce this number. Beyond removing trip hazards and installing mobility aids such as a stair lift, another easy way of ensuring your loved ones stay upright is addressing their footwear.

Cardiff and Vale Health Board says buying the right types of footwear could help prevent people from spending unnecessary time in the hospital. They recommend that slippers are close-backed, the sole has a good grip, they can be fastened, and they do not have a heel.

Alun Morgan, Assistant Director of Therapies and Health Sciences has said:
“Many of us think that having problems with our balance and getting weaker is an inevitable part of ageing so along with a few wrinkles and grey hairs, the odd fall is to be expected as we get older. But falls are preventable and are often a warning sign that something else is wrong. As well as unsuitable footwear or slippers, falls can also be caused by not drinking enough fluids, poor eyesight, urinary infections, poorly controlled blood pressure and medications.”

Old slippers that have worn soles are less likely to grip on slippery falls, while slippers that have become too loose after prolonged use are more likely to hamper the wearer’s mobility. This becomes particularly problematic on stairs or across non carpeted surfaces like hard wooden floors.

Regularly updating slippers of older adults, not only ensures they are aiding the wearer with mobility, but they are also continuing to keep the older adult warm. Worn slippers are less effective at protecting the feet from draughts and chills and this is important as older adults are susceptible to the cold and chills.

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