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Personal goals you can set for a better 2021

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As we roll into a new year, 2021, many people are looking forward with hope that with a new year will come new possibilities. After nearly a year of lockdowns and restrictions in the UK, people are looking for ways to make 2021 as brilliant as possible.

In this article, we list a series of personal goals that can help you seize 2021 and make it your best year yet.

Focus on the positives

2020 has been the hardest year on record for many, and amidst everything that has happened, it has been difficult to focus on the positives. Although 2021 doesn’t see us out of the tunnel yet, it has brought a light to the end of it and one goal that can help people in any situation have a better 2021 is to find ways to focus on the positives.

Shelley, a blogger at Wander and Luxe told us the unique way that she plans to do this: “This year I will be endeavouring to commence a gratitude journal. Whether I write down my thoughts or just think about them as I get ready for bed, I am going to try and reflect on three things I am grateful for or that made me happy that day. 

“My goal is not for it to be anything profound, but rather appreciate the small things like a lovely walk, delicious lunch or phone call with a loved one. After the rollercoaster year that 2020 presented us with, it was often difficult to stay positive. However, I am hoping with this small change of mindset that I will start seeing things a little brighter.”

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Be kinder to yourself and others

Kindness has been one thing that’s been rife throughout the pandemic. Whether it’s the nation getting behind Captain Tom or just the Thursday night clap for heroes, kindness can be found everywhere. In 2021, we implore you to continue this kindness and apply it not only to others but yourself.

Lipgloss and Curves blogger Emma tells us: “My personal goal for 2021 is to improve myself, my wellbeing and learn to love myself again. 2020 made me realise I was just going through the motions of daily life, forgetting things I loved about myself and things I enjoy. So, 2021 I want to learn to find what makes me and improve myself and my wellbeing.”

Gemma from Family on the Go spoke to us about how she plans to only keep those around her who pick her up: “A good personal goal for me is to learn to realise and accept people for who they are. That if I then don’t like who they are, I cannot change them but can change how much I let them in my life. And this is ok. I’ve spent far too much time trying to please others whilst hurting myself because I have felt obliged to keep them in my life.”

Get back into the world

The various lockdowns and pandemic restrictions have meant that, for many, the world has been off-limits for nearly a year now. Although the beginning of 2021 has started with tight restrictions, one thing many people are trying to find ways to do is to get back into the world this year. Whether that’s ensuring to take daily walks or bikes rides, or planning future holidays, there are ways we are able to get back into the world already this year.

Blogger Sarah-Marie at Tired but Crafty Mummy explained how her whole family plan to do this with a walking challenge: “As a family, we feel that we have become very sedentary thanks to Lockdown and being in Tier 4, so our family goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day. To encourage each other, we've agreed that anyone who doesn't make 50,000 steps in a week has to put £1 into a jar. Whoever has walked the most steps by the end of the year will get to keep to the money jar. We know that we all feel better when we've been for a walk so we are sure it will help both our physical and mental health.”

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Make the changes you’ve been putting off

For most people, there is a dream or goal that they keep putting off. Whether they are waiting for the perfect time, are always ‘starting on Monday’ or just never push themselves to begin, these dreams and goals never get achieved. This year, we implore you to try them. However big or small, whether it’s learning to cook your favourite dish or taking up a new hobby, 2021 is the year to take a step towards starting those goals.

One goal that can be achieved in 2021 especially is upgrading your home. We’ve spent more time at home than ever before in the past year and using this time to make sure our home works for us, whether design-wise, with accessibility like installing a curved stair lift, or that our outside space is up to scratch, can help make staying at home more enjoyable.

Personal goals you can set for a better 2021:

  • Focus on the positives
  • Be kinder to yourself and others
  • Get back into the world
  • Make the changes you’ve been putting off

These goals may be simple, but by implementing them and sticking to them, 2021 can end a lot better than it started for everyone.

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