Sir Henry Meets the Team

On Saturday evening Companion Stair Lifts had a fun packed filled day for the team. The day started off with activities such as clay pigeon shooting, air riffle target, human bungee and gladiator duel which was great fun. It was not such fun when the team got to beat the directors on the gladiator duel mind.. it certainly gave them the chance to knock Michael and Clare off the podium but everyone seemed to enjoy the activities and can not wait for the next team day.

After the activities the stair lift team all had dinner and was extremely fortunate that Sir Henry Cooper gave a after dinner speech to the team which was truly phenomenal. The speech was fantastic, Sir Henry gave us a breakdown of his career -the highs, the lows and as you can imagine he had some very funny stories to tell. After dinner the team enjoyed disco and drinks. What a marvellous day, with special thanks to Sir Henry Cooper from the stair lift team.