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Social media groups the elderly should follow

Social media groups the elderly should follow

Social media sites are not only used by the younger generation with more and more older people turning to the internet and social media sites to share family photographs and keep in touch with loved ones.

According to an article on the Telegraph one in four over-65s are now using social networking sites, while the proportion of over-65s who say they are active on social media sites grew by over 50 per cent in 2016 from the previous year.

Although many older people use the sites predominantly to keep in touch with their family, the social media phenomenon can be put down to its diversity with groups and accounts focusing on a variety of topics, from cooking groups to celebrity accounts.

With this in mind we have created a guide about the most popular, interesting and intriguing social media accounts that you should follow on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.


This social networking site was founded back in 2004 and now it has more than 845 million active users worldwide. Users can create a profile where they can join groups and share pictures and statuses to show their friends and family what they are up to.

Companion Stairlifts

Our very own Facebook page shares a variety of information that older people would find fascinating, from interesting guides and articles to information about new stairlifts for the home. The page also shares special offers on our products and photographs of our team.

Visitors will not only be able to see what is trending in the news, but will be so inspired by some of our posts that you’ll want to share it with your Facebook friends.

Smitten Kitchen

Do you love cooking?

If you do, then the Smitten Kitchen Facebook page shares stunning pictures of food and shares recipes for a variety of meals.

The page actively encourages people to get in their kitchens and to try making a variety of meals and foods. Recently Smitten Kitchen have shared recipes for piri piri chicken, cream cheese pound cake and strawberry coulis.

You look at this page and you just want to make everything they post.

Senior Planet

Senior Planet is a resource for older people who want to stay engaged with what’s happening now and what could happen in the future.

The Senior Planet Facebook page shares a range of engaging articles that are relevant to the older generation and it specialises in the new technology that is being released for senior citizens.

Its content also covers topics such as TV programmes to watch, health updates and news as well as tips about everyday life; from decluttering to healthy aging.

Fab After Fifty

This Facebook page offers women over the age of 50 a plethora of guides and information.

Readers can find out what’s trending in the news, videos to watch on YouTube, news from the entertainment world and the views of thought leaders.

Topics that Fab After Fifty cover include, health, relationships, politics to name just a few. Those who like the page can also win giveaways and take part in competitions that are run by the site.

My itchy Travel Feet

The Itchy Travel Feet Facebook page encourages older people to travel with its collection of travel advice, news and deals for planning your next holiday.

Recently tips to holiday in Italy and a guide about visiting Utah’s San Rafel Swell have been shared on the page.

The guides cover countries from all over the world and include information about the different attractions visitors can see, the history of the destination, foods to eat and lots more.

Mark Zuckerberg

Loads of celebrities have Facebook pages and fan sites, but who else is better to follow than the founder of Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg.

By following him, older people can read about all the news on Facebook’s ever-evolving policies and is the first place to look to hear about new features on Facebook.

10 Downing Street

With a snap election currently in progress, following 10 Downing Street is a great page to follow as the office of the Prime Minister posts updates on schemes, receptions that are being held at Downing Street, awards being given out to outstanding people and updates on world news.

Coronation Street

The Coronation Street Facebook page is hugely popular as it links to all things Corrie.

Videos from the shows YouTube channel, information about where fans can catch up on any programmes they’ve missed, quizzes and trailers are shared on the page. There are some plot spoilers though, so be warned.


This online social networking site allows users to post and interact via messages or tweets as they are known. Each tweet is restricted to 140 characters and all registered users can post tweets.

John Cleese

John Cleese is a legend on British screens after starring in classics such as Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, but the actor and comedian is somewhat of an icon on Twitter.

He is not afraid to make fun of his own age and even his Twitter bio, which read “Yes, I am still indeed alive, contrary to rumour, and am performing the silly walk in my new app” gives a glimpse into what you can expect to read.

End Loneliness UK

The End Loneliness UK Twitter account is run by The Campaign to End Loneliness and offers information and advice about elderly loneliness.

The account shares statistics and information as well as raising awareness on the topic about how older people and their families can get involved in the campaign.

3 Golden Sisters

The 3 Golden Sisters account has laugh-out-loud tweet after tweet by poking fun out of anything you can think of, including Adele.

They love discussing various pop culture phenomenon and are certainly not afraid to share their own opinions.

Ageing News

The Ageing News Twitter account is really active and it shares articles from its website that relate to older readers as well as sharing other news from around the web.

All of its tweets are related to the older generation and if you want tips on your pension, information about the care system and lots more then you need to follow this account.

50 Plus Info Bus

The account dubs itself as a one stop shop for the over 50s as it shares advice, information and services to all the silver surfers who use the internet.

The 50 Plus Info Bus account is constantly sharing fascinating news stories and features to its 11,200 followers.

Classic Pics

The Classic Pics account is fascinating for the older generation as it tweets historical photos of the good and bad, fun and sad moments from years gone by.

This could be old photos of famous people, the first photos of something, iconic historical images or photographs taken during wars.

BBC News

The BBC News account shares breaking news alerts and updates, analysis, features and local news from all over the UK.

No matter whether you want to hear the latest stories from your area or want to find out about national news, this is the place to head on Twitter.

Sky Sports

If you are a huge sports fan, then the official Sky Sports Twitter account brings you the latest sports news 24-hours a day.

The account covers all sports; from football and rugby union to boxing and formula one, you will be able to find everything you need to know. Followers of the account who are Sky Sports subscribers can also watch programmes they have missed and get alerted to new shows that are coming out.

Other social media profiles

The Senior Style Bible

This account on Instagram is run by 82-year-old Dorrie Jacobson, who is a retired Playboy Bunny turned style blogger living in Las Vegas.

She shares a range of snaps of her outfits and her blog is also well worth a visit as she shares fashion tips for older people and why she chose the outfit she is wearing. An interesting read for any fashion conscious senior.

Lesley Has Many Hats

Despite the name, the Lesley Has Many Hats Instagram account shares snaps of more than just hats and is regularly sharing photos of her wearing bold tunics and other fashionable items.

Lesley also shares photographs from her life and the places she visits with her loyal fan base, which has now surpassed 7,000.


Older Instagram users shouldn’t just follow NASA because they are interested in space, but instead should follow because of the sheer wow factor.

The account gives users a great reminder of just how awe-inspiring life, the universe and everything is with jaw dropping photos captured by a number of spacecraft.

From distant galaxies to unbelievable images of Earth from astronauts in orbit.

Nat Geo

The photographs shared on the National Geographic account has been the stuff of legend for almost a century now.

The photographs come from all over the world and just demonstrate how beautiful the world is. Older people who love to travel or love photography should certainly follow this account along with the other 77.5 million followers.

Transportation Security Administration

The American Transportation Security Administration Instagram account shares photos of confiscated items from luggage at airports across the US.

This fascinating account demonstrates just some of the items that are confiscated such as loaded handguns, live eels and lots, lots more.