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Still dancing at 103

Still dancing at 103

Remaining active as we get older is often a challenge, especially for those with limited mobility, however, it is important for those looking to remain independent. One Australian woman is defying stereotypes by continuing to perform, choreograph and make her own costumes.

Eileen Kramer has an extraordinary past, so it is not surprising that she continues to defy expectations. As an original member of Australia’s first modern dance company, the Sydney-born dancer learnt the twist from Louis Armstrong on her travels to Paris.

The dance industry favours youth and often dancers are expected to retire in their 30’s, Kramer challenges this with her pursuit of creative fulfilment. She stopped dancing for 20 years and on her return to Sydney at the age of 99, she was placed in accommodation for those deemed at risk of homelessness. The National Arts Health Institute identified Kramer and made her an ambassador that allows her to live and work with their financial support.

As we get older our abilities change and Kramer is no stranger to this. Instead of being dismayed by her limitations, she has found alternative ways to express herself through dance. Fellow dancer Sue Healey told ABC “She can't leap around the space but she dances with the true essence of what dance is”.

By concentrating on dancing sitting down to avoid the dizziness she experiences, Kramer is still able to evoke emotions through her work. For those who experience mobility problems and are reliant on a stairlift, Eileen Kramer’s story is an inspiration. Her ability to follow her passion and adapt to her abilities is an achievement. Eileen believes the years since she turned 100 have been the best of her life and has said: “You do have to prepare for age, and I've prepared by always doing creative work and doing my best to ignore everything else."

Image Credit: Pexels

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