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Students create new exercise regime

Students create new exercise regime

Students from the University of Sheffield have created a new exercise initiative to encourage older adults across Yorkshire to stay active both physically and mentally. Inspired by dance and games, the sessions creatively inspire and engage older adults.

The project ‘Motion’ was created by Enactus Sheffield. Enactus is an organisation that is dedicated to making a better world and involves academics, students and business leaders to work together towards this aim. In this occasion, it has evidently been successful as Motion was awarded £25,000 by the Ford Motor Company. With the grant, the students intend to roll the programme out across the country to help more people.

Motion is making an impact because it improves mobility while adapting to people’s needs. Each exercise is geared towards people of all physical abilities, including elements chair, supported and standing based activities. The sessions have also been designed by preventing one of the largest threats to older adults, falls. By focussing on postural stability, Motion is able to improve balance and strength, lessening the chance of trips and falls.

Motion is great for those reliant on a home stair lift, not only because each session is adapted to their abilities, but it is also a great way to socialise. The sessions are taken by fully trained instructors but are also supported by students. Sarah Bell, a student at the University of Sheffield and the managing director of Enactus Sheffield spoke of the response Motion had received:

“It is so heart-warming to hear from staff and the family of the residents about the difference the sessions are making – one gentleman left his room for the first time in six weeks to attend one of our classes, which is remarkable.”

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