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The best virtual zoo experiences available


At the time of publishing this article, many of us around the world are stuck in our homes, unable to visit some of our favourite attractions. It’s getting to that time of year when heading to a zoo is often a popular choice but just because we are confined to our homes, doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy some incredible zoo experiences. Fortunately, many of the best zoos around the world are allowing people to visit them virtually. This is being achieved through the likes of live-streamed feedings, live webcam footage of the animals, and video tours. Therefore, with an internet connection, you have instant access to some of nature’s most incredible animals and creatures.

In this article, we have highlighted a handful of the very best zoos from around the world that have virtual offerings, letting you know about what’s available. So, for those in lockdown, or those who simply rely on stairlifts and want a more convenient option, let’s dive into the virtual zoo experiences on offer. 

Chester Zoo

Located in Cheshire, England, Chester Zoo is one of the UK’s very best zoo offerings, and also one of the largest with a total of 150 hectares. They are currently offering a host of virtual experiences, letting people enjoy the animals even when visiting in person isn’t an option. You can join Chester Zoo live on Facebook on select days for their Virtual Zoo Days. Lasting all day, these video streams include such delights as breakfast with river hogs, chimp feedings, and a chance to safely meet some of the world’s most dangerous birds.

If you want to catch up on streams you have missed, you can watch the videos on YouTube. They have even assembled their virtual zoo days so far into handy playlists:

To help you with your future plans to visit in person, Sam, from the blog As the Sparrow Flies, describes what it’s like getting around the zoo: “Chester Zoo, like most premier visitor attractions in the UK, is well geared up to all sorts of visitors, including families. Whilst it is a vast site, there is plenty of seating, places to shelter from the rain (many of the animals have both indoor and outdoor locations meaning that even in the rain you can visit lots of excellent animals) and even a monorail to get around the site if you are feeling a little worn out from walking around.”

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo in California is a special attraction, home to over 3,500 animals and more than 650 species. Esther and Jacob from the travel blog Local Adventurer love the zoo, sharing: “San Diego Zoo is one of the most spacious and well-designed zoos we’ve visited. I can see why it’s one of the highest-rated zoos in the US and the world.”

The zoo is also doing their bit to entertain animal lovers from home. Their wonderful selection of live cams stream a host of majestic animal habitats right to your screen. You can enjoy watching baboons, penguins, polar bears, giraffes, and much more. The streaming times are indicated on their website – just remember to adjust for UK time. There is also a fantastic archive of pre-recorded panda footage. They even have a section just for kids featuring some great activities and videos.

Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio is one the US’ very best zoos and they are keeping animal lovers entertained through some great online content. Every day at 8pm UK time, the zoo hosts a Home Safari live on Facebook, allowing you to get up close and personal with a menagerie of beautiful animals. If you can’t catch the safari’s live or would prefer to watch during the day, fear not as the videos get published on YouTube shortly after the live broadcast.

From screech owls and alligators to orangutans and clouded leopards, there is so much available to enjoy via these videos and talks from their animal experts. So have a look and see what’s available.

Folly Farm

Folly Farm is an adventure park and zoo in Pembrokeshire and is home to an adorable collection of animals from farmyard inhabitants to majestic jungle citizens. They are also allowing people to check in with the animals while they are away from Folly Farm thanks to a collection of great animal webcams. You can spend time with their lovely penguins as they take a dip in the water or bask in the sunshine or even watch the live feeding frenzy at 11am and 2pm. You can monitor the giraffes and enjoy a daily talk with the keepers at 12.30pm. There’s also a chance to catch the park’s lions in the Pride of Pembrokeshire enclosure.

For something a little closer to home, however, you can enjoy the barn’s webcam and watch the sheep, goats, and donkeys do their thing each day. There’s certainly a lot of fun to be had at Folly Farm from the comfort of your home.

Speaking about her visit to Folly Farm, Lauren from You Need to Visit says: “If you are visiting Pembrokeshire, a visit to Folly Farm should definitely be on your list. There is so much for families to do here whatever the weather, from a world-class zoo to a brilliant farm combined with so many other attractions to keep a family entertained. It ticks all the boxes for a fantastic day out.”

Virtual zoos and live streams to enjoy

  • Chester Zoo
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Cincinnati Zoo
  • Folly Farm

These are just some of the amazing virtual zoo experiences currently available. It’s wonderful that these great attractions are able to find ways for people to enjoy the animals, even when visiting in person isn’t an option. Hopefully the above will give you some entertainment and inspire you to visit these great zoos as soon as possible.

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