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The ultimate morning routine

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Getting into a solid morning routine can often be tough, especially when things aren’t quite back to normality and precautions are keeping us from doing some day-to-day things. Getting into a solid and consistent morning routine can not only help you physically, but it can also help you mentally, setting you up for a great day ahead.

If you struggle with your mobility and require the use of a stair lift or getting out of bed can be a struggle for you, these top tips for the ultimate morning routine will help you get up with a purpose. Read on to learn more about the perfect morning routine for those who want a productive day.

Wake up at a regular time every day

Setting yourself a regular wake up time can be a great way to start your morning off the right way, whether it is 6am or 9am, the time doesn’t matter but getting into a routine that allows you to follow a pattern can give your morning some purpose and can give you some drive to start the day off the right way.

Very Well Health commented on waking up at a regular time on their website and they comment on the benefits it can have: “Waking at the same time every day will actually help you to sleep better at night. A fixed wake time helps to build a strong desire for sleep throughout wakefulness. This sleep drive gradually builds, and shortening it by sleeping in will make it harder to fall asleep the next night. If you sleep in 2 hours on a Sunday morning, it is just like trying to go to bed 2 hours early that night.”

Meditate or do some yoga

Meditation and yoga not only balances the brain and the mind, but it can also be really beneficial for those who want to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and move the joints, even if it is just a few simple moves that don’t require much energy.

Sam from Strawberry Squeeze loves to start her morning with meditation and thinks it can benefit people of all ages: “I start every morning with a short meditation session. It clears my mind and prepares me for the day. Start by practising just 5 minutes a day every day to get into the habit then gradually increase the amount of time.

“After my meditation session, I step outside and begin my day slowly. Whilst it can be tempting to jump into the day and start being productive straight away, this can often contribute to stress and anxiety.”

Meditation and yoga can be done at any time of the morning, but for best results and to feel the true benefits of your session, we recommend it is the first thing you do when you wake up: Emma from Earth To Emma also agrees that meditation is one of the best ways to start the day.

“Having a set morning routine really helps me get my day off to a good start and there are a few things I try and make sure to incorporate every single day. I focus on my breath through a guided meditation or a short deep breathing sequence and I usually complement this with some essential oils. I always take the time to do some light stretching or yoga. Stretching first thing in the morning will relieve any strain or tension from sleeping and will increase blood flow and get your body prepared for the day ahead.”

Have a healthy breakfast 

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After a morning of yoga or meditation, you can often feel peckish and as some people say, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ so you should take into consideration what you are going to consume. Try and choose some healthy options, eating a healthy breakfast can set you up for a great day and generally make you feel great.

“It may be an old wives’ tale, but breakfast definitely is the most important meal of the day, especially if you're a little older. A light breakfast will provide you with energy to see you through the day. For a nutritious way to start off the day, porridge or fruit and yoghurt are great options,” says Emma.

Healthy breakfast ideas:

  • Fruit salad – enjoy a big bowl of fresh fruit, chopped and placed in a bowl, you can’t have a bad morning when you have a colourful bowl of fruit to enjoy for breakfast.
  • Eggs – eggs are a great source of protein and can be served in so many ways, why not enjoy some scrambled eggs or poached eggs on some wholegrain bread for a different option.
  • Granola and fruit – granola can be a lovely alternative to cereal, but make sure it is sugar-free. Serve your granola with some fruit or yoghurt for some extra indulgence.
  • Smoothie – if you’re not too hungry, enjoying a smoothie filled with your favourite fruits can be really refreshing.

Talk to loved ones

Talking to loved ones can really boost your mood and make you feel really happy and content, you can either go to their house and visit them (from a social distance) or you could call or facetime them so you can still see their face. Just let them know what you’re up to today and catch up on any gossip or news there may have been since you last spoke to them.

Social exchanges are especially important during tough times like a pandemic as people can often go days without talking to anyone else, so make sure you try and speak to a friend or family member to avoid loneliness or sadness.

Get outside

Now that we can venture outside of the house again, try and make sure you are getting some outdoor time and fresh air. Getting outdoors is a wonderful way to keep the mind clear, relieve stress and anxiety. Getting some fresh air can just be getting out in your garden and tending to some plants or flowers, or it can involve some light exercise to keep your body supple and warn off stiffness.

Below are a few outdoor activities you could try, from walking the dog to gardening and stretching in your local park, just being out in the outdoors can make you feel a whole lot better.

Outdoor activities:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Dog walking
  • Gardening
  • Stretching

No matter how you want to spend your morning, we hope these recommendations have helped and may have inspired you to try something new, get into a routine or try some new breakfast recipes. A morning routine can be really beneficial for those with a mobility issue, so why not give it a go tomorrow morning?

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