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Top hobbies that seniors are taking up

old couple gardening

People often say the trick to enjoying your retirement is through keeping busy and what better way to keep busy then choosing a new hobby to concentrate on. There are many benefits to embarking on a new interest at any age, but as you get older, and you find yourself with more time to devote to a new passion, you may find the enjoyment is in more than just the skill.

By beginning a new hobby you often extend your social circle and meet new people. If it is a completely new area of interest, you will mix with different people that you are accustomed to and broaden your horizons. If you choose a hobby that has a physical element, you should see an improvement in your health. Whether you are sleeping better or feeling hungrier, the impact a small amount of exercise can have on your well-being is immense.

There is also the chance that one hobby could lead to another, picking up a little French could inspire you to travel, or learning to salsa could inspire you to try other Latin American dances. It is especially important for those with limited mobility to engage in hobbies, though it may be difficult to get out the house and leave mobility aids like a curved stair lift behind, it is important to engage either physically, socially or intellectually with your community.


While this may be seen as a traditional hobby in older adults, it is an incredible community to be part of with so many different areas to specialise in. If you fancy a boot sale every Sunday and a regular rummage around local charity shops or a less direct experience, communicating with online dealers and eBay bargains, this is a fantastic hobby to be part of.

Antiques Diva is a great blog to get hints and tips from as she helps identify everything from antique linens to how to make your holiday abroad an antiquing expedition. If you prefer a more formal introduction, the antique collecting magazine could be a subscription you are missing out on.


old person gardening

Getting outside in unpredictable weather can be a chore but our temperate climate does lend itself to lush outdoor spaces. Whether you are eager to start a vegetable patch or a glorious herbaceous border, it can be very easy to begin. Starting seedlings off on a windowsill can quickly turn into a full-blown passion. Or if you don’t have any outside space, considering an allotment can quickly enter you into a group of likeminded people.

There are lots of ways to start your own Eden or get more information about it. Following blogs is an easy way to be inspired and Urban Veg Patch is a brilliant example. Caro writes about her own garden as well as those she visits accompanied with lovely images. The Rusty Duck is evidencing a work in progress and follows Jessica’s ongoing battle with her fixer-upper garden, placed precariously on a 45-degree slope. With beautiful images of her favourite blooms, Jessica’s narrative is very honest, giving hope to all of us with aspiring green fingers.


As a form of exercise, dancing is not to be knocked. Not only is it great for your cardio, it is also a wonderful way to meet people. Dancing requires partners or a group, but it is essentially a social enterprise, whether it is just among friends or at a family wedding. There are also so many different types of dance to try, whether you want to try your hand at an upbeat rumba or a more sedate Waltz. There are often dance classes available which will allow you to meet new people while you improve your fitness.

Lots of establishments also concentrate on classes for those over 55, where you can go at your own pace.


Dating back to 1935, rambling combines community, with a love for the countryside. Walking throughout the UK, The Ramblers readily welcome new members and the clubs are full of friendly faces. This is great exercise for those who prefer to be out of the gym environment and it also allows for travelling as well as rambling.



With the rise of the Great British Bake Off, baking has returned with zeal. It has become especially important as people continue to take control of their diets, choosing to live with low sugar or gluten free, home baking is opening up the realms of choice. It is also a fantastic form of expression, as you can try out new flavour combination or get creative with decorations. As you gain more skill, you’ll discover that giving friends and loved ones a gift of cake or biscuits is one of the most thoughtful and nourishing gifts and will always be well received.

There are many blogs to follow if you are feeling a lack of inspiration. The Boy who Bakes takes his passion abroad, letting us follow on his holidays and enjoy the sweet treats he enjoys making. Lots of his recipes are available on the blog. Cream Puffs in Venice is an honest to goodness baking blog that admits her follies along with her successes. With Italian inspiration, this blog is full of irresistible treats that will get you itching to be in the kitchen.


Most of us leave our language skills firmly behind us in our school years, but what better way to engage your brain than to learn a language? Perhaps you have had a burning desire to read Victor Hugo in his mother tongue, or love opera that German is your language of choice. There are many apps, websites and blogs out there and are dedicated to aiding you towards a bilingual future.

If you prefer little and often, duolingo is a great resource that teaches you words and grammar organically. This handy owl starts from the very basics and you can quickly progress to obscure sentences. The Polyglot Dream answers any possible question you could have about learning a language.

Arts and Crafts

If you have a creative streak, finding the right outlet can often be difficult. You may prefer working with different materials or want to branch out from what you have previously known, there are blogs to follow and things to try. Heart Handmade can help you make the most of your space, with your calligraphy and everything in between. With a bright blog full of free printables it is quick to get hooked on her fabulous looking crafts.