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Top tips for successful spring cleaning

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With spring around the corner, many of us start to think about that big clean and how to go about it. While it’s important – and helpful – to stay on top of things with regular cleaning all year round, having a big spring clean is a good idea too. Spring cleans are particularly important for those who suffer with allergies, giving you a chance to prepare your home for the warmer seasons. On top of this, a spring clean is an opportunity to put winter behind us, letting in that fresh, spring air, and to tackle all those nasty, annoying jobs we have been putting off. So, give your home a refresh this year and follow our top tips for a successful spring clean.

Create a plan of action

As with all things in life, being prepared and organised is key. So, don’t just dive into a random task this spring, instead carefully survey your home, analyse what needs to be done, and create a plan of action for how to tackle it. Look at areas that you normally skip over during your regular cleaning and organise your tasks by those that take longest to do to those jobs that can be ticked off quickly.

De-clutter your home

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You can also use this moment as an opportunity to make some changes. If you have been looking around your home at all the unnecessary bits and bobs lying around, consider de-cluttering and finally getting rid of items you know you don’t need. You can organise your cupboards and wardrobes, make extra room in your home office, and sort out those old draws with decades worth of obsolete documents in them.

De-cluttering isn’t just a practical job, it can also benefit you psychologically, reducing stress by creating a calm and organised environment for you to inhabit. So, don’t put it off any longer, this spring make your home the clean and clutter-free environment you’ve always wanted.

Make sure you’ve done your shopping

The last thing you want is to have started doing your spring clean and realising that you don’t have half the cleaning equipment you need to get the job done right. Vicki from the family lifestyle blog Honest Mum, recommends this as one of her top spring cleaning tips: “It doesn’t have to be a huge haul but stocking up on cleaning items from the sponges you’ll use to bleach, polish, wax, and enough fairy liquid from the off will make for the easiest and quickest clean. I’d forgotten oven cleaner before I started so had to nip out as the oven was in dire need of a clean so be prepared and stock up.”

Work in zones

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Part of your plan of action should also incorporate a zonal method. There are certain parts of your home that make sense to clean together and, as Carrie from the Making Lemonade lifestyle blog explains, areas that should definitely be done apart: “Some items you should clean all together (i.e., if you’re working on windows go ahead and knock out that task for all windows in one day.) But some spaces you’ll want to clean in zones, such as the bathrooms and kitchens. Those spaces don’t mix well, eeek!”

Utilise a steam cleaner

Not only are steam cleaners a green way to approach your spring clean but they are also a wonderful tool for many deep cleaning tasks. Their versatility is one of their most loved attributes, being used to clean everything from grimy carpets and bathroom tiles to kitchen appliances and sofas.

Good Housekeeping recommends a steam cleaner for use on your mattress: “The high temperature can kill dust mites, and this is particularly good for people suffering from allergies. Use the upholstery tool with the cloth attached, ensuring you keep moving it around so not to over-wet any areas. Once you’ve finished, leave the mattress on its side for a few hours to dry before you fit the bed linen.”

These 100% chemical-free cleaners are truly a great piece of kit to have in your spring-cleaning arsenal.

Don’t forget your windows

Spring cleaning is also a great opportunity to give your windows the affection they deserve. Often, during the course of our normal cleaning routine, windows get neglected but dust and grime can settle here too. This is another great opportunity to use your steam cleaner. This a great time to clean your blinds and curtains as well.

Use a cleaning service

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If you are looking at the mountain of tasks ahead of you – some of which can be rather tricky – and don’t quite feel up to it, employing someone to help out could be the way to go. After all, if heavy lifting is involved or the need to clean hard to reach places, this might not be suitable for those of us who use stair lifts at home. Spring cleaning is important, but no one should be putting themselves at risk.

Fortunately, there are numerous cleaning services out there who would be more than happy to take this task off your hands. Nationwide Cleaning Services operate across the UK and can provide a deep spring clean in areas such as skirting boards, sockets, kitchen appliances, floors, deep carpet cleaning, and much more.

Take precautions against allergies

Many of us suffer from allergies during the spring and summer months which is one of the best reasons for undertaking your spring clean, helping you to get rid of all those nasty allergens that are lurking at home. However, during the cleaning process, you are likely to unsettle a lot of dust and allergies, which will be bad news if you are a sufferer. So, make sure to take precautions and protect yourself with rubber gloves, a mask, and further protective clothing that can shield your skin from irritations.

How to have a successful spring clean

  • Create a plan of action
  • De-clutter your home
  • Make sure you’ve done your shopping
  • Work in zones
  • Utilise a steam cleaner
  • Don’t forget your windows
  • Use a cleaning service
  • Take precautions against allergies

We hope these top tips will prove useful for your upcoming spring clean. And don’t forget, if you feel any task is beyond you, enlisting the help of a cleaning service is a good idea.

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