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Uplifting gift ideas to give someone a boost

Gift ideas to boost self-esteem

Life can be complicated and get people down, but something as simple as giving a little gift to a loved one, friend or family member can give them a boost when they need a little cheering up.

It isn’t easy to think of ways to best support someone going through a hard time, as you want to be there for them, but you just aren’t sure how. Often a simple phone call or meeting them in person will suffice, but if you live farther away or want to send them something to help brighten up their day, there are plenty of gifts you can give them.

From writing a heartfelt letter to sending over flowers or food, this guide gives you some gift ideas that will give someone a boost and lift their spirits.

Gift ideas to give someone a boost

  • Write a letter or a postcard
  • Plan a day out
  • Gift boxes
  • Digital photo frame
  • Send flowers

Write a letter or a postcard

Lady writing a letter

Whilst you can send a text message or email to check in on a family member or a loved one, consider writing a letter or a postcard if you are looking to go the extra mile. A handwritten note feels much more personal, and in the letter or postcard, you can tell them your latest news and ask them how they are.

Doing something as simple as this will put a smile on the recipient’s face and shows them that you care and are thinking about them.

Katie, who is the voice behind the Page Flutter blog, says that in this digital age that we now live in, sending hand-written letters can leave a more lasting and positive impression:

“Snail mail shows you put in a bit more effort. A personalised letter to your sister makes her feel extra-special, or you might let someone know just how much you appreciated that job interview.

“Either way, handwritten mail leaves a lasting impression.”

Plan a day out

Family on a day out

Another great gift idea that will boost someone feeling down is to plan and pay for a day out. It doesn’t have to be expensive and could be something as simple as organising a picnic, heading to the beach or going on a walk and getting some fresh air.

Alternatively, you could organise visiting an attraction such as a zoo, a theme park, or a museum or seeing a film or play at the theatre that your friend or loved one is interested in.

Organising a day out such as this will lift your friend’s or loved one’s mood, knowing there’s a special event to look forward to.

If you are planning the day out and the person you invite suffers from a mobility problem, you must consider this. If, for example, someone needs to use mobility aids such as straight stairlifts or walking frames at home, then you don’t want to organise a day out which isn’t accessible to them. Likewise, if you plan to visit an attraction, you should check to see how accessible it is.

Gift boxes

Wrapping a present

Giving gifts is good for everyone involved, as you feel good about buying the gift, and the mood of the person receiving the gift will lift.

You can opt to create your own personal gift box and fill it with items that you know the recipient will appreciate, but alternatively, you can buy pre-made gift boxes that you can get sent directly to your family member or friend.

Here are just some of the places online where you can buy a gift box:

  • Etsy: from spa kits to sweet treats, many different types of gift boxes are available.
  • Not Another Bunch of Flowers: these curated gift boxes are full of handpicked gifts that are lovingly packaged and ready to go.
  • Blossom and Roses: here, you can buy a pre-made gift box for every occasion. There are gift boxes which range from calming products to boxes for men and ones aimed at women.
  • Box of Hugs: you can build your own gift boxes or choose one of the ready-made gifts.

Digital photo frame

Digital photo frame

A gift that has a lasting impact is digital photo frames. These photo frames allow you to share treasured memories with loved ones on an easy-to-use device.

You can set up the frame for the person so they can put it on their shelf and watch all their happy memories on a slideshow. This gift is perfect for people of all ages as it is straightforward to use and is controlled with a discreet touch bar that usually sits on the top of the frame, allowing other friends and families to continue sharing their photos.

Send Flowers


Sending flowers has been a popular gift idea in the UK and worldwide for many years, and it is easy to see why. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is; giving flowers can cover all bases, no matter whether you are sending them for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or you are looking for gift ideas to give someone a boost.

When sending flowers, you can choose the type of bloom you give and the colour of the flowers you want, and you can even personalise the message you want to include.

Snap Blooms, a site which shares tips for florists, says sending flowers as a gift is a great idea: “That’s the beauty of sending flowers ‘just because’, the sentiment is very genuine and spontaneous. Order a bouquet to tell them ‘just because I love you’, send sunflowers ‘just because I care’, or even roses ‘just because it’s Tuesday’.

“Not only will this gesture bring a smile to the face of your loved ones, but share all the gratifying and positive effects flowers have on us.”

If you have a friend or a loved one feeling a bit down, this guide provides a few ideas of gifts you can buy to help boost their self-esteem and improve their mood.

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