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Ways to boost your productivity as a carer

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Being a carer can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world, whether you are caring for a friend or loved one or you look after clients and patients for work. As working from home and working around other responsibilities have become more common, it is often that people see their productivity slump.

Although it is a hugely wholesome job, it undoubtedly requires a lot of effort, time and patience. Staying positive, productive and motivated can be a struggle when you are tired both physically and mentally. News Motability has written an article about the best ways to stay positive as a carer from finding a support network to taking a break when required. Keep reading to find some of their top tips.

Get an assessment

Free for anyone over the age of 18, those who want to work in care need to be assessed in order for them to make the most of the support the system offers. The article comments: “If you’re new to caring, you need to get assessed. As a carer, you automatically qualify for an NHS carer’s assessment that is designed to help make your life easier and make you more productive in the process.”

Sign up to a support network

Sign up as a carer at your local doctor’s surgery at the earliest opportunity, this way you will be able to get additional support from Doctors and GP’s as well as getting free flu vaccines and regular check-ups.

Be as flexible as possible

If flexible working is an option for you, then take it. Flexible work means you have the freedom to choose your shifts to a certain extent, giving you time to plan other activities or work around other commitments.

Switch your focus

It is natural for carers to always put others first, but it is important for you to make time for yourself and give your body and mind a break when it is needed.

Have a break

As with taking time for yourself, as a carer, you need to make sure you are taking breaks. Not just breaks throughout the days but breaks that give you some time away from your patients to spend at home or on a holiday.

Make ‘To-do’ lists

Making to-do lists is a great way to prioritize your time. Make a list every morning and set yourself a goal to complete all of the tasks before the end of the day, this way you will ensure your focus is switched away from work and onto something that benefits you.

Set goals

Much like making lists, setting yourself goals is a great way to keep your mind focused. If you find to-do lists a little daunting then set yourself goals that are spread over a longer period of time. These goals will also give you something to work towards and get excited about.

Fit in ‘Me Time’

The article mentions that one of the most important things about being a carer is to make time for yourself: “Factoring in time for yourself can have a number of benefits, including making you more productive, increasing your energy levels and reducing your stress, all of which will improve your productivity and performance as a carer.”

If you are a carer and look after people with limited mobility who may rely on stair lifts or aids to get around their home or you know someone who does, then try out some of these top tips to make sure you are looking after your wellbeing as much as possible.

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