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What are the best mobile phone accessories to help older people?

Mobile phone accessories for older people

Today, older people are becoming more tech-savvy as they want to be up to date with the latest technology and stay connected with friends and family. This is especially important for those with mobility problems who aren’t able to get out of the house very often and need aids such as modern stair lifts to get around their home.


Smartphones have become a part of everyday life and are commonly used by older people and as a result, the number of mobile phone accessories has increased in recent years. In this guide, you can see some of the best mobile phone accessories for older adults.


Protect your phone

Mpow Waterproof case

The Mpow Waterproof case has been designed so people can protect their phones from water, ice and even dirt. It has been commonly used by swimmers and people who attend exercise classes.

The case is large enough that, should you be on holiday, you can use it to protect not only your phone but carry-on documents, cards and cash as well.

As the bag is fully transparent users can take photos or videos with their phone underwater and the snap clasp and lock seal system ensure full protection to your phone. Plus, it is easy for older people to use who may suffer from problems with their hand dexterity.

The case is compatible with a range of smartphones including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry phones to name just a few.

Zagg glass screen protector

It is common for people to drop their phones and unfortunately, this sometimes sees the phone’s screen smash, which makes it difficult to use.

However, the Zagg glass screen protector offers an oil-resistant nano-coating that stops the mobile phone’s screen from being scratched or marked.

Older people will still be able to benefit from the touchscreen sensitivity of their mobile phone and with its highly polished surface and tapered edges it helps prevent chips and snags.

Otterbox iPhone Case

Just like older people need to protect themselves from falls and as a result use stairlifts and other mobility aids to help them, defending your phone from drops is vital too.

The Otterbox iPhone case is one of the most well-known protective cases in the world and it features cases with drop, dust and screen protection.

Older people using these cases will not have to fear a cracked screen again.

Make life easier

Slim Power Bank

A slim power bank from Solar Mobile Chargers is a great accessory older people can buy as it is suitable for all phones and tablets.

The rechargeable battery will give a mobile phone two full charges and is about the size of a large smartphone, meaning the portable charger can fit in your pocket when you are out.

The device recharges from mains USB, PC and a car USB and will be under a one-year warranty after you purchase it.

Tim Smerdon from Mobile Solar Chargers talks about their products and the benefits they can have for people using them.

“The priority is to have a simple reliable low-cost rechargeable power bank to keep their phone charged (also reduces the anxiety of family members), either with or without solar. All will recharge in the same way as a phone, i.e. USB mains/Car/PC.”

Volta Charger


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The Volta Charger is regarded as the world's best magnetic universal charging cable, built with the toughest material to ensure it lasts a lifetime. It's a singular cable that offers the ability to charge fast with any Micro USB Android, USB-C or Lightning ports which basically means it will charge ANY brand of phone, tablet, headphones or any other electronic accessories.

A spokesperson from Volta Charger tells us a bit about the product and why they think it is great for older people to use.

“The best thing about this cable besides being basically unbreakable and the fact it comes with a lifetime warranty would be the ability to connect to your devices magnetically in either direction! Which means you can connect your phone in the dark without seeing your phone clearly you just need to bring your phone near the cable and the cable will automatically latch onto your device due to the super strong magnet that connects the Volta cable to your device.”

When out and about

Sport-Fit Pro Armband

For older people who work out a lot, then the Sport-Fit Pro Armband from Belkin will allow you to keep your smartphone secure with its double layer of lightweight fabric and a protective coating keeping your phone safe.

The armband has been designed so you can still use the touchscreen of your mobile phone and its apps, while its card and cash pocket help users keep other valuables safe.

Older people who have an iPhone 6/6s, 7 or 8 will be able to use this armband.

Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Winter Gloves

Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Winter Gloves

These Mujjo double-layered gloves are not regular winter gloves as they can be used with all touchscreens, meaning you can answer your calls and type messages whilst you are outside in the cold.

This means older people don’t have to take their gloves off and their hands won’t get cold. The gloves have silicone dots on the palms of the gloves to help you grip the phone when out and about.

The gloves are available for men and women and can be used on all iPhones and other smart devices.

To recap, here are the best mobile phone accessories for older adults:

  • Mpow Waterproof case
  • Zagg glass screen protector
  • Otterbox iPhone Case
  • Slim Power Bank
  • Volta Charger
  • Sport-Fit Pro Armband
  • Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Winter Gloves

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