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Perch Seat

If you have restricted movement in the knee or hip joints, you may find sitting painful or uncomfortable. In these situations, a perch stairlift seat may be the ideal solution. The perch seat sits just underneath the user’s buttocks, allowing the user to comfortably be seated in a near-standing position when using the stairlift. Perch stairlifts can also be a useful solution for extremely narrow stairways.

Standard Perch Stairlift Features

  • Shortened seat and retractable seatbelt provide stable support
  • Upholstery available in a choice of 6 colours
  • Provides more clearance on tighter staircases
  • Perch seat available for the 950+, 1000 straight and 2000 Curved stairlifts

Straight Perch Stairlifts

A perch seat option is available for the Companion 1000, and 950+ straight stairlifts. If your stairs do not go around a bend or have to cross a landing, then a straight stairlift will most suitable for your home. Perch seats on straight stairlifts are handy for narrow staircases and if you find sitting or rising from sitting uncomfortable or painful.

Curved Perch Stairlifts

A perch seat option is available on the Companion 2000 Curved stairlift. If your stairs cross a landing or they curve around a bend, then a curved perch stairlift will be most suitable for your home. Perch stairlifts have a higher and shorter seat allowing the user to ‘perch’ in an almost standing position as they ascend their stairs.