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Stairlift Removal & Recycling

This guide answers questions on stairlift removal, including who can remove your stairlift and whether stairlifts can be recycled or donated to charity.
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How to remove a stairlift

There are many reasons why you might want to get rid of a stairlift from your home. Perhaps there was already a stairlift installed on the property before you moved in, maybe you are moving house and want to remove your current stairlift, you might have decided to buy a new stairlift, or maybe the stairlift you bought is now surplus to requirements.

Whether you are interested in buying a new stairlift or removing the equipment altogether, the removal of stairlifts should always be done by a trained professional via reputable companies. Attempting to remove the device yourself might result in damaged fittings and fixtures in the home or damage to the stairlift.

With the help and support of a professional, removing a stairlift from your home is quick, stress-free and simple.

This guide answers the most frequently asked questions on stairlift removal, including who can remove your stairlift and whether stairlifts can be recycled or donated to charity. Read on to find out more.

What you will find in this guide:

  • Getting your stairlift removed
    • Who can remove my stairlift?
    • What does a stairlift removal cost?
    • How long will it take to remove my stairlift?
    • How easy is it to remove a stairlift?
  • After your stairlift is removed
    • What will my stairs look like after my stairlift is removed?
  • What to do with a stairlift that has been removed
    • Can I donate a stairlift to charity?
    • How do I recycle a stairlift?
    • How can I scrap a stairlift?

Getting your stairlift removed

Who can remove my stairlift?

Looking for a stairlift removal service near you? We strongly recommend that stairlifts only ever be removed by a trained professional as attempting to remove one yourself might result in damage to the machinery itself or the fixtures and fittings in your home. Dismantling a stairlift can also be a strenuous task and isn’t advised for anyone who might have mobility issues. A trained technician performing a stairlift removal service should be able to remove your unwanted stairlift quickly and easily and open up your staircase once more.

What does a stairlift removal cost?

Our technicians can arrange for the removal and disposal of your old stairlift free of charge if you are buying a new mobility aid from Companion Stairlifts. This is just one of the reasons to choose Companion Stairlifts as your stairlift provider.

How long will it take to remove my stairlift?

When carried out by a trained professional, a stair lift removal should only take a couple of hours, depending on your home set-up and the age and condition of the stairlift being removed. When arranging the removal of a stairlift with any trustworthy provider, you should be given a clear date and time for removal so that you are able to make time on your schedule and ensure your stairway is clear for movement.

How easy is it to remove a stairlift?

Having a stairlift removed takes training and the correct tools so it is always recommended that a professional stairlift technician is brought in for the job. Removing a stairlift will be difficult to do yourself but a professional will get it done in a safe and efficient manner.

After your stairlift is removed

What will my staircase look like once my stairlift has been removed?

For indoor stairlifts, there might be small holes left in the stair tread where the brackets were drilled. These can often be filled easily and subtly.

If the equipment was installed on carpeted stairs, it is possible that some minor indentation may be left, however, this can often be eliminated by steam cleaning the area or will lessen over time naturally as the stairs are used. On some occasions, if the colour of your carpet has naturally faded through use, then you may also notice a slight colour difference in the sections that were once covered by the brackets.

If you’re having an outdoor stairlift removed, you might find some visible marks if, when the stairlift was installed, it was attached to a stone or tiled surface. However, these can usually be easily filled and won’t be an eyesore.

What to do with a stairlift that has been removed

Can I donate a stairlift to charity?

Giving a stairlift to charity is not a simple process because of the bespoke nature of the equipment, with many chairlifts being custom-built for the house they were intended to live in. However, there are some charities that recycle stairlifts.

In the case of a straight stairlift where the rail and all working parts have been kept in good working order, it can often be the case that they will work in another home with a similarly sized staircase and so, you are more likely to find a charity to donate your stairlift too or maybe even a company who will buy your used stairlift. Many companies that sell second-hand stairlifts will use the profits from those sales to raise money for local and national charities and causes.

If you’ve had a curved stairlift removed, donating this might be trickier due to the bespoke nature of the lift, however, it’s worth reaching out to a charity that accepts second-hand stairlifts to see whether they might get some use for it. Although it might not be able to remain whole, they may be able to recycle the lift for its parts and be appreciative of the donation, nevertheless.

How do I recycle a stairlift?

Recycling a stair lift is an eco-friendly way to dispose of equipment that you don’t need anymore. It’s often the case that, if the company removing your stairlift offer disposal (which might be charged at a small fee) they will recycle the stairlift on your behalf.

If not, it may be a case of stripping it into parts so that they can be individually recycled. For this, we’d recommend you speak to a professional at a recycling plant.

Do Companion Stairlifts offer a buyback service?

Due to the bespoke nature of the stairlifts we make, at this moment, we DO NOT offer a stairlift buyback service on any Companion stairlift. As every stairlift we create is unique and fitted to the staircase it’s made for, the best thing you can do is contact a third-party organisation to donate your stairlift to, recycle it, or scrap it if you have no other options. However, if you are buying a new stairlift from Companion, we are happy to remove your current, unwanted stairlift free of charge.

How can I scrap a stairlift?

If you want to scrap a stairlift privately, there are some pieces of information you should know. Firstly, due to the nature of stairlifts, particularly curved stairlifts, and the number of different materials used in production, there is very little scrap value for the metal within the frame, so this method of disposal is often not seen as cost-effective.

In the instance that you choose to remove a stairlift yourself, or a friend or family member removes it for you, you need to ensure the stairlift is properly scraped and disposed of and not in an illegal manner. Remember: fly-tipping is an illegal offence and dumping waste can result in a hefty fine.

Removing an unwanted stairlift

We hope this guide has answered all of the questions you might have about how to remove a stair lift. Although it can seem like a big task, stairlift removal can be very simply done by enlisting the right help, such as a stairlift removal company. For more guides like this, head over to our Stairlift Tips, Advice and Information Hub, filled with informative answers and guides to all things stairlifts.

If you have a specific question about the removal of a stairlift or are looking for custom advice on getting a mobility aid of your own, please call Companion Stairlifts on 0800 117 0158 to talk to a trained advisor. The telephone number is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and calls are free from most landlines and some mobiles.