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Used and Second-Hand Stairlifts

Looking to buy second-hand stairlifts or wondering ‘who can buy my stairlift?’ Our handy guide will be able to provide you with the answers you need.
Buying a used stairlift handshake

Whether you are looking to buy a used stairlift for yourself or a family member or looking to sell an unwanted stairlift, there are a lot of options available. Used and second-hand stairlifts, often called ‘reconditioned stairlifts’ when being sold on by professional stairlift companies, are generally available for purchase at a lower price. Some companies are also often able to pay a sum for a used stairlift, which may not cover the initial costs but will offer you a fair amount of cash for the equipment.


  • How do I buy a used stairlift?
  • How much is a second-hand stairlift?
  • How do I sell my stairlift?
  • Who buys used stairlifts?
  • How do I install a stairlift

How do I buy a used stairlift?

Buying a used stairlift does not mean you have to buy through a private seller. It is very common for all kinds of stairlift companies to sell second-hand reconditioned stairlifts. What’s more, due to the nature of the product, the price of a reconditioned stairlift is usually lower than that of a new stairlift.

If buying a brand-new stairlift is not something you are able to afford, and you are not eligible for any financial aid, looking into a reconditioned stairlift is a great idea. The stairlift you buy will be reconditioned by the company and so everything down to the remote controls will be in perfect working order when it is installed in your home. As well as that, you’ll likely be able to choose from a wide range of used stairlifts, including straight or curved, as companies are likely to have more access to a variety of types of stairlifts.

Please note: Some companies may have an alternative parts and labour warranty for reconditioned stairlifts, so always check the terms and conditions before buying a stairlift and make sure you check their full range of stairlifts before you decide on which model you want installed in your home.

How much is a second-hand stairlift?

As with new stairlifts, it is difficult to name a price for a second-hand model, although people generally make a significant saving when purchasing reconditioned stairlifts compared to new models. The lower price tag should not be the defining factor of buying second-hand stairlifts and you will need to do your research as stairlift prices can vary a lot.

If you are buying a fully reconditioned stairlift from a private seller the track may not be tailored to suit your specific staircase, there it is wise to buy a reconditioned model from a stairlift company like Companion Stairlifts as you will be advised whether a model is appropriate for your home or not.

With us you will find different prices for a stairlift, whether it is a new model or a reconditioned stairlift, as we aim to cater for any budget.

How do you sell second-hand stairlifts?

If you come to a point where you no longer require your refurbished stairlifts or move into a new house that has an unwanted stairlift, you may be wondering who buys used stairlifts, and you’ll be pleased to know there are companies who do just that. Depending on the company and varying factors like whether you have curved stairlifts or a straight stairlift, or whether it is left or right-hand side mounted, you should be able to find someone to remove your stairlift and buy it from you.

Who buys used stairlifts?

As mentioned above, the quick answer to ‘who buys second-hand stairlifts?’ is many people. As well as going through mobility equipment companies, you can also sell stairlifts privately to a buyer online. Many people’s first thought when they want to buy something new is to look online, and so offering your second-hand stairlift there could help find you a buyer.

How do I install a stairlift?

To install a stairlift, you should always enlist a professional as they are aware of the step-by-step practices it takes to safely install any type of stairlift. When you are looking at the different options for installation in your home, a professional will ensure a track is attached on brackets to the wall for support, keeping the stairlift rails elevated from the stairs as well as making sure there is no damage to your wall or banister.

Installation of a reconditioned stairlift or a new model generally takes a couple of hours, which includes the set-up and teaching the user and other occupants in the home about how to properly use the stairlift as well as share information about cleaning and maintaining the model.

If you have any questions about second-hand stairlifts, then our trained advisors can help answer any questions you have and will be able to give you peace of mind should you have any worries. Please call us on 0800 117 0830. The line is open 24 hours a day and is free from landlines and some mobile networks.