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Stairlifts for narrow stairs - Companion Stairlift Advice

If you are wondering whether you can buy stairlifts for narrow stairs, this guide will be able to answer all of your questions.
Considering outdoor stairlifts

If you have been measuring your stairs for a stairlift and are looking into narrow stairlifts, there are many options available to you. Stairlifts are not one-size-fits-all, with straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, and stairlifts for narrow stairs all available to be made bespoke for your home so you’ll be able to find something right for you.


• Can you buy stairlifts for narrow stairs?

  • Perch stairlifts
  • Turn and go stairlifts
  • Other options of stairlifts for narrow stairs

• Is a stairlift for narrow stairs safe?

Can you buy stairlifts for narrow stairs?

There are some great options for people looking for a stairlift to fit a narrow staircase. Choosing from two key types of stairlift: perch and turn and go, you can look at utilising a small space without having to give up on the idea of having a stair lift. Read more about both styles below as well as some other potential options of stair lifts for narrow stairs.

Perch stairlifts

If you have been looking for a stairlift for narrow stairs, then Perch stairlifts are not only great for narrow staircases, but also for people who have difficulty bending to sit down. Able to be used whilst standing or perching, these stairlifts have special perching seats which sit higher on the equipment than standard seats, meaning you don’t need to worry about sitting down and standing up to use the stairlift. However, you can still perch and take some of the weight off of your feet whilst moving. Perch seat stairlifts are also good for people with narrow staircases who don’t need to sit down.

Turn and go stairlifts

Turn and go stairlifts use a special track that allows the seat to readjust at the bottom of the stairs so it will fit the space and manoeuvre around tight bends. Getting a turn and go stairlift to fit a narrow staircase is a good idea if you aren’t able to use standing stairlifts. The swivel seat can also help some people get in and out of the chair.

Other options of stairlifts for narrow stairs

Whilst turn and go stairlifts and perch models are regarded as the best stairlifts for narrow stairlifts, there are some straight and curved models which may fit your staircase. If you are looking to buy stairlifts for narrow curved stairs, then the Freecurve model might be the perfect choice as it has a single rail system that allows it to fit on the narrowest of stairs. If you don’t have a narrow curved staircase, but have a straight staircase which is narrow, fortunately stairlift manufacturers have built models which could be perfect for your home. The 1100 stairlift is one such example as this straight stairlift has a slimline rail which is the narrowest on the market, so it obscures less of your stairs than any other straight stairlift system.

Is a stairlift for narrow stairs safe?

The simple answer is yes. As you will find out by reading our stairlift safety guide, there are lots of safety features included with our stairlifts so customers can have total confidence in using our mobility aid. Many models come with a seat belt and our models travel at a steady speed of 0.16-0.34mph to the top or bottom of your staircase. Our stairlifts have safety sensors which will detect any potential obstructions in the way of the tracks and our models all adhere to multiple safety standards and have been thoroughly tested to prevent issues. Please note that every stairlift model is slightly different so ask our engineers and advisors if you have any specific questions.

If you’d like to discuss a niche stairlift with us, you can contact our customer service team on 0800 117 0162who can help advise you on the options we offer or visit our contact us page.