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Stairlifts and independence

If you have older relatives you might have questions about how they can keep their independence at home. Our guide aims to answer your questions.
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Stairlifts and independence 

If you have older relatives you will probably be wondering about how to help them stay safe in their home as well as helping them to keep their independence.

Companion Stairlifts have helped many people maintain their independence within their homes.

Whether you are looking for a straight stairlift or a curved stairlift, take a look at the full range of products which are perfect for people with mobility issues as well as people with disabilities.

Our stair lifts come with a variety of safety features, so both you and your parents can have complete peace of mind. Have a look at our safe stairlift guide which contains a plethora of information about how our stairlifts can help keep users safe at home, including at the top of the stairs.


  • Which type of stairlift is good for a disabled person?
  • How to best help my elderly parents remain in their home?

Which type of stairlift is good for a disabled person?

Each stairlift model is designed with safety in mind so that people can continue to stay in their own homes and feel confident in navigating the stairs, which in turn can help with their mental health.

All our stairlifts come with an array of safety features which can help older people stay safe at home and in turn, gives their family members and friends peace of mind, therefore helping to maintain healthy relationships.

Standing at the top the stairs can be a cause for concern, especially if your relative suffers from a loss of balance or loss of sight. To make things easier, a stairlift with a swivel seat can minimise the chance of falls because the seat can move to a comfortable mounting and dismounting position, as opposed to the user having to enter or exit the chair in a way that is unsafe or uncomfortable.

Seats themselves are positioned at a height which should be comfortable for people suffering from joint pain or health conditions such as arthritis.

The seat belt and safety sensors are added features which makes our stairlifts a good choice for those with disabilities. The sensors will detect any potential obstructions in the way of the tracks keeping each journey as safe as possible.

A narrow fitting staircase is not a problem, we have two types of stairlifts which are suitable: a perch, and a turn and go. Perch stairlifts are a great choice for people who have difficulty bending to sit down, while the turn and go stairlifts have a seat which readjusts at the bottom of the stairs. This means it can fit into narrow spaces and manoeuvre around tight bends.

Figuring out which stairlift to buy is a big decision so you should take your time. 

Take a look at our what is the best stairlift to buy guide to get some helpful advice before purchasing your stairlift.

How to best help my elderly parents remain in their home?

As older people creep past retirement age and start to celebrate milestone birthdays, adult children are faced with many questions about how to help their parents stay in their homes.

Each family will have different concerns and questions, but ultimately the aim is to help older parents remain in the comfort of their homes while remaining safe.

One of the things you can do is look into having a stairlift installed, which is particularly important if the home has multiple floors. We have straight and curved stairlifts as well as stairlifts which are suitable for narrow stairs.

No matter which stairlift you choose for your parents you can rest assured that the equipment will continue to provide them with extra confidence in getting around their home with ease, even in the event of power cuts. Read our aftercare section which explains how our stairlifts will continue to work when there is a power shortage.

Spend time browsing the range of stairlifts available to see which model would be the best fit for your family.

Our professional team of advisors are also on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year should you have any questions. They will be happy to assist in any way they can both before purchase and after.