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6 ways to instantly brighten up your home

Bright Living Room

While spending lots of time at home, it’s important that our home space provides a happy and bright environment for us to live in. The difference a few pops of colour, potted plants and framed pictures can have on your mood is huge, from increasing happiness and reducing anxiety to even promoting better sleep and increasing productivity.

In this article, we look at some of the ways you can instantly brighten up your home.

1. Frame photographs of loved ones

For the perfect mood booster, add framed photographs of your favourite memories and loved ones around the house in places where you are likely to pass them frequently.

“Make your staircase into a lovely family photo gallery,” says Fiona, blogger at Frugal Flexitarian. “Pictures of those you love as you go up and down the stairs look great and will bring a smile to your face.” This is also a good idea if you use stairlifts – what’s better than your loved ones to look at as you travel up and down the stairs?

Blogger Alina from We Made This Life also recommends framing beloved photographs of friends and family. “Put up some pictures of friends and loved ones in beautiful frames. It will brighten your day when you see them, especially if you haven’t been able to see them in person for a while.”

Dani, blogger at The Unseasoned Wag recommends placing them at eye-level. “Putting personal items such as framed photos at eye-level on mantle pieces and coffee tables as opposed to shelves and wall units brightens up the important areas we see every day.”

2. Add flowers and plants

Plant in a living room

It’s no secret that flowers and plants can instantly brighten up a dingy room or plain space.

“The one thing that truly brightens up a home and brings me so much joy is fresh flowers!” Emma from Emma Eats and Explores tells us. “They don’t have to be expensive, but they make such a difference. You can even get ones that are delivered through your letterbox these days! They never fail to make me smile and can make a home smell incredible too.”

If you’re looking to get some houseplants but are worried you won’t be able to look after them, Kirsty, blogger at As Told By Kirsty, recommends “getting houseplants that don’t need tons of sunlight, or dotting some succulents or potted plants around your house which are easy to look after.”

Alternatively, Dani recommends artificial flowers as a “lovely way to add an accent of colour and personality to the home without breaking the bank or having to replace them if you're not able to pop out regularly to pick up a fresh bouquet.”

3. Create some ambience

It’s all about ambience! Creating a cosy space to relax in will help to keep your mind clear, boost your mood and help you to de-stress.

Rebecca, blogger at The Free From Foodie recommends: “Changing lightbulbs in lamps to warm-coloured bulbs, buying some cosy cushions and purchasing some fresh-smelling air fresheners or wax melts.”

Blogger Harman from Your Girl Knows also recommends candles to create some ambience in your home. “I love scented candles. They can look artistic and decorative in the day, especially if the colours match the rest of the house, and at night, they look as pretty as a picture. They switch up the mood instantly!”

4. Use mirrors to brighten dull spaces

Mirror on navy wall

As well as having a practical and decorative purpose, mirrors can make a room feel more spacious and enhance any natural light.

Kirsty says: “Mirrors are always a good way to brighten up a house as well as an easy way to make a space feel bigger (perfect for smaller rooms!). Statement mirrors also look nice on a feature wall.”

5. Add splashes of colour

You can instantly brighten up a space without painting walls by adding colourful items around your home.

“Adding pops of colour with home accessories such as vases, cushions and throws is all you need to brighten even the most neutral space,” says Chynna, blogger at At Home With The Johnsons. “Fun, fast and easy to change up seasonally, your home can make you smile all year round.”

Blogger Mahevash from Mahevash Muses also recommends playing around with colours to brighten up your space and encourages people to go bold. “Bold colours like yellow not only brighten up your home, but they also perk up your mood. You don't have to make major changes like repainting your walls, simply adding a few items like a vibrant wall calendar is just as effective.”

6. Decorate plain walls and furniture

Bright wall art

As well as hanging pictures of loved ones, Fashion Mommy blogger Emma recommends hanging artistic prints and photographs. “Canvas prints and pretty pictures are an easy way to brighten the home. They brighten a blank or neutral space and can totally reflect your taste and the style of your home.”

Dani also suggests vinyl stickers for both walls and furniture. “Vinyl wall stickers add texture, pattern and colour to any home surface that could do with a personality injection. They're highly customisable and easy to apply.”

How to brighten up your home:

  • Frame photographs of loved ones
  • Add flowers and plants
  • Create some ambience
  • Use mirrors to brighten dull spaces
  • Add splashes of colour
  • Decorate plain walls and furniture

From hanging mirrors in dingy rooms and buying plants to adding splashes of colour, there are many quick and easy things you can do to instantly brighten up your home and make it an inviting space to enjoy. For more news, tips, and advice, make sure to visit our news page.

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