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Six simple ways to revamp your home

Older man holding an indoor plant

If your home is looking a bit tired then it is time to give it some TLC and a new look. Not only does a revamp help to make your space look and feel fresher, but it also allows you to declutter and give your home a deep clean. For the article, we spoke to bloggers to find out their top tips on how they give their homes a revamp while keeping costs down.

Declutter and organise

It is easy to accumulate clutter, but after a while, it can make people feel overwhelmed and anxious, which is why sorting through your possessions and organising them can make a difference to your mental health.

Psychology Today says: “Living in clutter impedes your identification with your home, which should be a retreat from the outside world and a place to feel pride. Streamlining seems to have its advantages, not just as a housekeeping tool, but as an essential process for maintaining happiness in your home environment. At the same time, cutting through the clutter can benefit your physical health and cognitive abilities.”

It is easy to accumulate stacks of documents and pieces of paper over the years. However, by digitalising your life you can easily keep track of receipts, medical documents and other important correspondence with ease, as well as beloved photographs, old CD’s, films and letters. Digitalising your possessions is easy, and by having information in a digital format means you can quickly access it without having to sort through reams of paper.

Cluttered wardrobe

Reasons for decluttering your home

Eliminates the risk of accidents

Belongings piled high or items haphazardly stored around the home could lead to accidents. Decluttering and organising means eliminating the potentials for trips or falls.

It’s easier to find your belongings

The saying “A place for everything, everything in its place” is something which many people live by, and for good reason. Storing your belongings in an orderly way means it will be easier to find something, rather than spending time rooting around piles of possessions.

Finding lost treasures

When you declutter, you often find belongings you had forgotten you had which helps create a sense of serendipity. For example, you might uncover some old photographs which evoke many happy memories, therefore helping boost your mental wellbeing.

Add wall art, wall decals and update picture frames

Old photographs

Wall art or wall decals can be a great way to give a room a whole new vibe. They are inexpensive and can be removed easily if you change your mind as Keni Anna from Spotlights on Badwolf explains: “You can have a beach or the sky or the galaxy on your wall with little hassle. For example, in your bedroom, you could have a night sky sticker on the ceiling. The beauty of this kind of decoration is versatility. You can find lots of designs you won't need to drill holes in any wall for this.”

This kind of artwork is a wonderful way to add a splash of colour to a wall without the use of glue or nails. The stickers are pre-glued meaning you just need to peel off the backing paper and apply to a wall. If the idea of a full-room decal revamp is too much, then you could create a feature wall or even a quiet corner snug perfect for relaxing with a good book.

If you prefer frame photographs and artwork, you can look to give your current photos a new lease of life by placing them in fresh frames can make a huge difference and light up any room as Laura from Five Little Doves explains: “My tip would be to update your frames and wall hangings. We recently added bold poster collages with gold frames which instantly added a modern twist to our home. We have chosen jungle themed poster collages with monochrome zebras and lions, quotes from our favourite movie, as well as a splash of colour with leafy designs.”

The shops are full of colourful photographs and art which can add a pop of colour to rooms and hallways. Alternatively, consider making use of any black and white images you have and proudly display them in your home. On their website, Living Well Spending Less says: “Black and white photo prints make everything look great. Try converting some family favourites to black and white, then grouping them on a wall. Printing them out and placing several together in frames can make quite a statement. To add a little more to the look, try painting a series of different vintage frames a uniform colour.”

Don’t worry if you aren’t confident with DIY because there is an alternative way to hang your frames on the wall if you don’t want to use a drill, hammer and nails. Command™ Picture Hanging Strips help make decorating quick and easy. The strips can be stuck to a variety of surfaces including painted walls, tiles, metal, glass and varnished wood. If you change your mind or want to rearrange your frames the strips can be removed without leaving any sticky residue or holes in your walls.

The beauty of incorporating wall art and reframing photographs in your home revamp project is that they both require minimal physical exertion, which can be useful for those with mobility issues who may rely on the help of aids such as straight stairlifts or a curved stair lift.

Reuse and upcycle

If you want to get stuck into a project, then upcycling can be a great way to restore pieces of furniture you already have in your home. Reusing and upcycling tables, chairs, or bookcases can give your creativity some free reign.

Whether you love bold colours or a quaint shabby chic look, you can breathe new life into your current furniture to give your home a unique revamp as Kim from Life Can Be Toff explains: “Living in rented accommodation isn't always easy to decorate in my style. The simple ways in which I revamp my home is to add colour through accessories and art.

“I'm also massively keen on upcycling and bringing new life to old furniture by painting them in bright colours. Not only does this add a personal unique touch to my home but adds colour without having to paint the walls. It can also be a great way to add a splash of colour and freshness without breaking the bank.”

If you don’t want to upcycle your existing furniture then consider looking in charity shops for some pieces to help keep costs to a minimum. Buying from a charity shop means you are helping good causes as well as grabbing yourself a bargain.

Adding mirrors helps a room feel bigger

Adding mirrors to small interiors can help give a cheerful and spacious vibe as well as giving the illusion of a bigger room.

Mirrors are frequently found in bathrooms and bedrooms, or hung above a fireplace, but there are many other places to incorporate this popular accessory. Victoria from So Victoria told us that adding a mirror to your home is guaranteed to add the wow factor: “Not only do they create the illusion of space, they also bounce light around your home.

“It’s that light that adds a bright and airy feeling that many homes can lack. Even better, mirrors will work in any interior style. You can be creative in your choice of style and size of the mirror too; create a focal point with a large statement piece or go for an on-trend look and create a show-stopping gallery display of vintage mirrors.”

Mirrors can instantly brighten a room and using them is an excellent way to create a more cheerful and light-filled room which might have felt dark and uninviting before.  

Add pots of easy-care plants

Indoor plants

Adding some greenery can brighten your home as well as helping to create a more relaxing and peaceful ambience.

Succulents are an easy-care plant with a variety of textures and colours and can help make a statement in the home. Bio Advanced says that: “If you long for indoor greenery but haven't succeeded with houseplants, consider succulents. They are easy-to-please houseguests and survive indoor conditions with minimal effort.

“Succulents survive dry indoor environments thanks to special adaptations – fleshy leaves, thick stems or enlarged roots – that allow the plants to hoard water. Most people are familiar with cacti, which are a type of succulent. But succulents also include a host of other plants grown primarily for eye-catching foliage. Strong, distinct leaf shapes give these succulents striking textures that transform them into living sculptures for interior rooms.”

These plants crave sunlight, so it is best to place your succulents near a spot which receives plenty of sunshine. Bio Advanced says: “Choose a protected location where plants receive bright, indirect light. Research your succulent selection to ensure you're providing ideal light. Unlike typical houseplants, succulents stash water in their leaves or roots, which act as a reservoir to slake the plant's thirst. To avoid overwatering, water only enough to keep leaves from withering.”

Don’t worry if horticulture is not your forte, you can still add greenery to your home with some artificial plants which can look just as good as real foliage.

Install a stairlift

Another way to revamp your home as well as making it more accessible is to install a stairlift. Homes come in many shapes and sizes and adding a stairlift to even narrow staircases is a quick and easy process that can be undertaken by professionals.

Having a stairlift installed can make the world of difference for people finding it difficult to walk up or down a flight of stairs. Installation is quick and easy and will help make you feel more confident in your home and help give you back some freedom and independence.

With a little bit of time, effort and patience, you can complete the home revamp you crave without spending a fortune. You don’t need to tackle every room at once, you can target a room at a time so the task doesn’t feel too overwhelming. The key to renovating your home beautifully yet inexpensively is to treat each area as a mini-project, take your time and enjoy the process of seeing your ideas come to life.

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