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All you need to know about electric vehicles

Electric car plugged in

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as many people choose eco-friendly options over petrol and diesel choices, but they are also in high demand as many older drivers are choosing them because of their easy-to-drive functions and varying price ranges.

For those who may rely on straight and curved stair lifts, making sure you choose the right car can be a difficult decision. Schemes like Motability are helping more older people stay on the road, but electric cars can also offer some similar features too. Read on to find out what you need to know about electric vehicles and how they can help you on the road.

Electric vs hybrid

There are a few different types of electric cars and similar variants that can all benefit the environment in different ways.

Conventional Hybrids – Conventional hybrids are the hybrid variants that require a car to have a petrol tank and a battery that charges when the vehicle is breaking.

Plug-in Hybrids – Plug-in hybrids also have both a petrol tank but can also be plugged into electricity and can run solely on electric for a short time.

Battery Electric Vehicles – Battery electric cars run just on an electric battery and no extra fuel. Car manufacturers like Tesla and Renault offer solely electric vehicles.

The benefits to the environment

Although electric variants are still only as good for the environment as the battery energy that is powering them, they are much cleaner for the environment when it comes to emissions.

Not only are they better for the planet when it comes to the energy that is used to power them, but they also benefit from much lower operating costs than traditional petrol and diesel cars.

How they can benefit the elderly

Electric and hybrid cars can benefit the elderly in many ways. Models like Tesla’s have many features that allow the driver to be more reliant on the car and the technology that it comes with. Electric home charging means you don’t have to visit the petrol station as often, which is great for those who may struggle to get in and out of the car.

Electric and hybrid cars are the future, and it is apparent that more people are turning to more eco-conscious options to aid their driving and help the environment.

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